Women Empowering Women

Empowered Women Empower Women. But how can we support each other and lift each other up? 

Whether we open doors for other women or find opportunities to connect in meaningful ways, there are plenty of things we can do to empower each other. Let’s build community and find new ways to connect to help other women and girls succeed. 

Open Doors for Other Women 

Empower your friends and coworkers by digging into your network and building connections to help them grow and land new opportunities. 

“Mentorship is a critical enabler of holistic wealth because it enables us to achieve success in our daily lives. Nowadays, having one mentor just won’t do. You need a “multi-mentor strategy” that will equip you with tools and resources to have at your fingertips,” says Keisha Blair, author of Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness. “With the rise of social media and information on demand, the need for advice in a fast-paced world calls for practicality and interactions unburdened by having to set appointments to meet over coffee one month down the road.” 

Once an introduction is established, do your research, and spend time getting to know your mentor so you can feel comfortable talking about your skills and what you want to learn. Be clear about your expectations, respect other people’s time, and strive to give more to the relationship than what you take. 

  • Seek out leaders in your own organization to help guide you to success.
  • Make connections on LinkedIn and reach out to people in your industry.

Be Present 

To empower other women, we need to be there for each other. Let’s encourage other women to apply for that promotion or launch that business they’ve been dreaming about. Be present by listening and offering a boost of confidence to someone experiencing self-doubt. 

“As a leader, the most important aspect of your leadership is to recognize everyone else’s gifts and talents. Sometimes we forget that we have actually employed these individuals, not to just carry out the tasks at hand, but also to be given the opportunity to grow and expand the depth of their own leadership. I find praising, encouraging, celebrating, acknowledging, guiding, and supporting your team is an essential ingredient to motivating them to succeed. Letting them know how great they are, creates a different atmosphere of approach, allowing a fearless perspective to be applied, which is great motivation to succeed,” says Jennifer Dyer, Co-Founder & CEO of Yappa!, an audio and video commenting tool.  

Women in leadership roles can cultivate confidence at work by leading in a healthy way that promotes and sustains a healthy work environment. 

  • Lead by example.
  • Be present and punctual. 
  • Take initiative. 
  • Have a positive attitude.  

Connect in Meaningful Ways 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur preparing for a new launch, a leader stepping into a new role, or someone who’s ready to take their side hustle to the next level, it’s not unusual to feel like you’re not up to the challenge. If you’re feeling imposter syndrome at work, use this time to learn, succeed, and grow. Talk to your mentors, friends, and community and know that we’re all just trying to figure this out. 

“Recognize what you’re dealing with, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Who can you turn to? Find people who can relate to your situation. Peers in similar industries or roles. Mentors. Former teammates and bosses. A coach. Host a roundtable, a peer consulting group, or schedule virtual “coffee” with someone you trust and dig into your experience to get some ideas flowing,” says Ilana Zivkovich, Founder and CEO of Werq, a strategic leadership advisory firm. 

“Now is a time more than ever where people are ready and willing to connect in meaningful ways. So talk openly, honestly, and share with others.” 

There are many ways women can empower each other.

Be a role model, offer support, celebrate each other’s wins, and look for opportunities to promote other women. 

How will you empower other women and girls to succeed?