Prabhjot Singh

Nothing in this world compares to the rush of connecting with a new artist, especially those who stand a breed apart from their contemporaries. Such powerhouses of talent are a task to find as the market is saturated with numerous wannabe artists gunning for the big time, making it more difficult for actual talents who deserve it to reach their actual destination. With the huge rush that’s trying to break into the creative space, it’s getting difficult for deserving artists to breakout. However, a few rare gems emerge from the sea of people and make their distinct mark by showcasing their potential and prowess. Prabhjot Singh counts amongst such talented individuals who have made it to the top league, on their own.

It has come as no surprise that this 19-year-old music artist, hailing from Chandigarh, is quickly on the rise and all set to claim his own spotlight in this cut-throat competitive world. Bursting onto the scene with his YouTube channel ‘Prabh’s – Official Channel’, this young music artist has carved his niche by adding an edge to his tunes which is quite impressive. His music is an amalgamation of Shadow Mask, Party Reggaeton and Folk Jazz which has that distinct quality listeners find endearing.

He says that you only need that one hit that can kick off your career to a stratospheric rise, and that’s what has happened to him. He offers the kind of music that connects directly with the audiences, and that’s evident by the kind of following he has been garnering of late. Furthermore, he definitely has the potential to reach sky-high, and it’s only a matter of time before his atmospheric vocals spiral him to the top, making him the young music sensation to watch out for. we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of him in 2021, as he breaks all barriers to achieve stardom, Follow him on Instagram: @theofficialprabh, Catch him on his YouTube channel at:


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