On numerous occasions, we feel dejected that we have not achieved the life that we truly desire or the success that we have been aspiring for all along. But instead of brooding and getting engulfed in despair, we need to find ways to be at peace with ourselves. Instead of focusing on what did not happen, we need to focus on all the good things that did happen. When we are in a state of gratitude, we feel content and satisfied with what we have. This emotional state fuels abundance. When we keep complaining that things are not working out for us and we don’t get what we want in life, it gives rise to a lack mindset.

In order to attract abundance in our lives, the first step that we need to take is being grateful for what we have now. Instead of complaining about the lack of money, resources, and amenities around us, we need to appreciate what we do have in our lives. Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth writes: “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” We need to express gratitude for all the small and simple things around us that we take for granted. 

A harsh truth is that many people in the world today experience poverty and don’t even have the basic necessities like clean drinking water and a roof over their heads like we have right now. If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you are among the lucky ones on this planet. So be happy and content with what you have at this moment; in reality, you have more than you think you have!

We need to be happy that we’re taking action, learning lessons and amassing small victories. There are so many things and incidents that can happen to us anytime that can strip usaway of our basic abilities, so we need to feel grateful that we’re doing our job and progressing ahead even if we’re not getting our desired results.

As we progress in our lives, we should let go of comparing ourselves with other people. If someone has achieved more success than you, do not be disappointed about that but rather get inspired and learn from that person. Believe in abundance and the fact that great things are coming your way as well. Believe that if you keep taking action and learning lessons, you will achieve results and be at the same level soon in the near future.

It’s not only gratitude but also the appreciation of things that helps us access to the happiness within us. We need to practice gratefulness and appreciation in all aspects of life. Appreciate the good things about life and focus on the things that you’re grateful for even though sometimes you are unhappy with the current situation or circumstances. 

Be happy and content with the present situation and find the peace within you. Feel thankful for your family, your friends, your partner and all the amazing things that have happened to you that you don’t consciously do when you get stuck in everyday life. This will initiate an internal shift and you will become a creator of happiness rather than being someone whose happiness is dictated by external stimuli or situations. 

There are countless ways to show gratefulness, not only to our loved ones and the people that are close to us, but also to the people that we meet every day, nature, the divine orchestration,and the wonderful events that have happened or are about to happen in our lives.

A great strategy is to make expressing gratitude and appreciation a daily discipline. My personal discipline is that I write down five things I’m grateful for every morning and the three good things that happened during that day every night before I go to bed in my journal. It not only helps me in my practice of being grateful but it also helps me in getting tuned with the beautiful things and events that happen in my daily life with an open mind. With these habits, our mind gets trained to seek out positive things rather than being at its default state of picking up negativity. In essence, gratitude is the key that opens the gateway to abundance.

Developing this practice and changing our perspective will open us up to all the possibilities in the Universe bringing a perennial flow of abundance and prosperity in our lives.

PS: Practicing gratitude is not only a great way to incorporate mindfulness and awareness into our daily routine, but it also acts as a form of self-care and reorients us back to our humanness.

I’ve set up the 21-Day Karma Yogi Gratitude Challenge to help you just do that. To bring back gratitude in your life. To help you embrace positivity and start looking at things from a whole new perspective. To help you become a better version of yourself.

This challenge comprises 21 original and all-new actionable exercises to be implemented at a pace of one per day. They have been designed to eliminate negativity, frustration, anxiety, and restlessness, and help you bring a sense of gratitude and appreciation to your life.

I invite you to join me on this journey. It will not only help you become a better version of yourself but also unlock the success and abundance that you desire in your life.