Practice self love & acceptance daily & f**k perfection!

Rule No 1 – Accept Yourself! – Self love is the greatest F**k you of all time! To be truly “beautiful” means to be COMPLETELY yourself…..When you stop hating on yourself! You don’t need to be accepted or validated by others around you.

You just need to love & accept yourself! …. And trust you are worthy of that!

It took me the best part of 40 yrs to realise, YOU just have to be comfortable being who you are!

Part of that process meant accepting & learning to love (well at the very least like) all of me, That’s the warts & all

Regardless of what i think i look like!

There is SO MUCH PRESSURE bombarded at us daily! – “Do this! Do that! Eat this, Your life will suck if you don’t….”

Rule NO 2 – Follow your own inner voice and always listen to common sense!

I can honestly say I don’t believe in perfection!


I do believe in me ( Oh!! Errrm! Father Christmas & maybe the tooth fairy lol ?) & you shouldn’t be pressured to look or feel or eat, live in a certain way!

Rule NO 2 – Listen & take on board the advice of others, but always make up your own mind!

I’ve drove myself nuts over this, for years I’ve been so obsessed with my body image, it’s held me back stopped my from living my life!

But I am who, I am! & YOU need to own it!!!

Rule NO 3 – Learn to Recognise, embrace, and celebrate your unique talents!

I don’t have society’s “bikini, beach body”.

What I mean is my body has “perfect” imperfections, wobbly bits, a mum pouch, cellulite, stretch marks, they are my story they are part of me !

Accepting yours, like I did will just empower you.

Our culture of Instagram & social media will have you believe in perfection, perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect teeth, perfect food, perfect bodies, perfect lives, nothing or Nobody is perfect!

Perfect pictures, Photoshop, filters, airbrushing, Its no wonder none of us ever feels, that we can’t quite measure up, it’s altered reality, and far, from most peoples truth!

It’s the perception of perfection paradox!

I do believe in standing up & saying “this is who I am” – I certainly have body issues I admit I struggle in this area, but everybody does – don’t they? and Im the first one to put my hands up & say “I am NOT perfect!” (I’m a constant work in progress).

I have learned to enjoy & appreciate my body more as I age when I think back on how much time I’ve wasted hating my body, being on a diet, obsessing on what I look like, its sad, the female body is something that is so beautiful & truly unique.

I accept it’s not easy to change perceptions as many in society & the media, still put “beauty” in a confining, Narrow, obtuse, little box – you’ve always got to think outside the box if ask me!

Rule No 4 – Always Stand up for what you believe in and you will gain the Self respect from yourself and Others around you!

People & women come in all kinds of beautiful, shapes & sizes from Tall, Skinny to short, to white to coloured, to quirky, clumsy, funny, sassy, ditzy and all of the other truly unique people that come in between.

I think it’s very important that whatever size and shape YOUR body is, we should try to be more realistic, to be anything else it is just not healthy!

The messages we send ourselves, the way we talk to our selfs, and to other women out there, what we relay to our children.

Those messages have to be based on REALITY, as I said you shouldn’t be pressured into trying to be seen in a certain way, you have to remember that it is not practical or possible or even realistic for “every day” women to look like a catwalk model, being a size six is a career in itself.

Don’t strive for perfection, don’t compare yourself or judge others that shit will suck the life out of you!.

Rule NO 5 -Stop comparing yourself to others for that shit! Is soul destroying, it will only kill you mind, body & spirit!

All women should be proud and embrace their bodies and not put each other down.

We women should, encourage, empower & nurture, one another WE ARE amazing! Instead we criticise, bitch, judge & tear each other down!

My light bulb moment was when i finally you come to the realisation that everybody DOES have some sort of hang up, even the people that you consider flawless, perfect even!

Accept this & that’s when you can start to be free again from these negative feelings.

Rule NO 6 – Make your self a priority once in a while & Value Yourself as you would all others. Surround yourself with an aura of positivity that reminds you of this daily! Know & feel your true worth!

I stopped trying to be perfect, it wasn’t real I couldn’t sustain it, because it didn’t matter! What my body could do & achieve became far more important!

Do I think I’m the bees knees – No!

Do I think I’m perfect now?

Hell NO!

Do I think I’m worthy of showing me the same kind of care & respect you would show a friend or loved one?


Rule NO 7 – Know that being ‘different’ is a unique gift!

F***ing perfection! means you love / like yourself enough to recognise the fact your are a work in progress!! TBH I’m probably going to wrestle with it for the rest of my life, but for now I’m finally in a good place, I’ve silenced my inner critic & I’m learning to embrace my “ perfect imperfections” love me for me and give “ NO F****S” about any body else’s obtuse standards.

Rule NO 8 – Learn to let things go, you can’t change what you can’t control! Learn to give ZERO F**ks!!

Exercise, Good food allows me to reinforce this, Working out from me is something I enjoy, it gives me confidence, its not a punishment it’s all about feeling good taking care of my body, it makes me feel energised and at my best. I focus athletics rather than aesthetics theses days & I’m constantly wowed by what my body can accomplish!!

Rule NO 9 – Expand Your horizons & Exercise your mind to Develop Self-Acceptance understand who you are, accept you have been and strive towards who want to be, reconnect to your heart remember & who you are!

And guess what I LOOK better, feel better at 45 than I did at 25!

Rule NO 10 – Love Yourself! You must love yourself before you can love any other.

By accepting yourself and fully being what & who you are.

Remind yourself that!

Yes! i am strong!

Yes! I am weak!

Yes! I am flawed, Yes! I am broken.

Yes! I am vulnerable.

YES I am human.

And despite these “flaws”, it’s ok!

I give myself permission to love myself unconditionally. I am a growing, learning & evolving being, who uses my past mistakes, as a fuel for my future journey of growth & discovery.

From now on I accept myself for all I am, and I set this as my intention to become the person I truly want to be.

F**k Perfection!

F**k comparison!

F**K what everyone else us doing!

Rule NO 11 -Understand that you are enriching all that know you by being yourself!

Take the time to find out who you are, Being a beautiful & fulfilled, happy person is all that matters!

Not what you look like!

How much you weigh!

Rule NO 12- Always be grateful for every little thing!Show kindness, practice forgiveness, & always believe in your self.

Never ever! stop dreaming!

Live a life without fear & never let self doubt hold you captive!

Rule NO 13 – Respect Yourself! – Because The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself so always be kind!

Figure out where your place is and what your contribution is in this wonderful world !

Rule NO 14 – Be who & what you are, Always be your genuine self!

Much love

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