Brian C Jensen

Currently, our world is gradually healing from the pandemic outbreak that started in 2020! However, despite the successful vaccination drives, people are still falling prey to the virus attack. And since the virus is mutating, no one can be certain when the pandemic would flatten its curve. All these facts are making people more apprehensive than ever. Everyone is eager to get back to a carefree life. And since that’s not possible immediately, it negatively impacts people’s mental health. One of the best ways to tackle this is through mindfulness meditation.

Views by Brian C Jensen

Our thoughts are running all over the place because of the palpable energy that is around the globe. Hence, it’s essential to become centered and grounded more than ever. It will help us to lead a wholesome life and get more clarity. Here we have highlighted the importance and benefits of mindfulness meditation.

  1. It results in minimized rumination

Many studies have highlighted that mindfulness can bring down rumination. There was a study conducted in 2008 on people who opted in for a 10-day intensive mindfulness retreat. The participants reported that after the retreat they had increased mindfulness and lesser negative thought than before. The participants also witness less rumination and depressive symptoms.

  • It helps in stress reduction

Most studies reveal that practicing mindfulness meditation can bring down stress. Whenever there is a crisis, the mind works in a “flight, fright or freeze” mode. Hence, it is necessary to find a balance. Through mindfulness meditation, people can learn to sort out their thoughts. With regular practice, they learn to manage their thinking process in a way that it brings down the level of stress.

  • It reduced emotional reactivity and anxiety

Currently, most people are reacting to things without much thought, which is leading to more anxiety. For instance, if you’ve heard a negative news update, your mind automatically starts to think on negative lines, and you quickly get overwhelmed. It is essential to remedy the same for your mental wellbeing. Mindfulness meditation helps those people who are always in a state of shock, nervousness, or overwhelm. It allows people to choose their thoughts consciously. That way, people can learn to disengage from negative thoughts and think more constructively than before. It can reduce anxiety to a great extent.

  • It helps to focus better

Mindfulness meditation enables us to focus better on one subject at a time. People who practice mindfulness meditation have improved attention span, and they can accomplish a task better. They don’t get distracted and finish the concerned job on time. Hence, if negative thoughts about the pandemic make you get distracted from work, you can resort to mindfulness.

  • It results in inner peace and calm

It’s essential to stay centered and grounded during such turbulent times. One of the best ways to achieve it is through mindfulness meditation.

Every crisis is challenging for the mind. It’s essential not to succumb to the testing times but rise above it by living well says Brian C Jensen. Mindfulness meditation can help you do that with peace and grace.