There are many advantages that come with being a leader, but being a leader in a time of crisis is another story. Of history’s great leaders, it has often said that it takes a crisis or moment of extreme urgency to reveal their true powers. This would not be possible, however, if the leaders did not care for themselves adequately.

You would need to have an ample supply of reserve power to lead people through any crisis. Make sure not to deplete this reserve energy by practicing self-care. Here are some of the most important self-care tips you can use to ensure your performance as a leader.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is always at the top of the list for self-care. If you lack sleep, your body and mind are not operating at full capacity. Lack of sleep impairs your cognitive abilities, especially your memory and ability to focus. No matter how stressed you may be, always be sure you get enough sleep.

Eat A Clean Diet

Eating foods with high nutritious value is another essential step. During a time of crisis, you are performing at a higher level than during ordinary times. Your body needs top quality, natural foods to fuel itself. Do your best to stick to a clean diet, and your body will thank you.

Know Your Limitations

When all eyes are on you and great responsibility is on your shoulders, you may find yourself stretched your limits. It would be wise to know what these limits are. Everyone is different, and everyone has a different threshold for stress. Try not to compare yourself to others, only to yourself.


Having a clear mind is a crucial trait of a leader. If your mind is clouded or if you are easily excitable, you will find that people will question your leadership and your decisions. Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes every single day, and you will see that your focus and your decision making is much improved.

Whether you are the leader of a business team, political organization, medical establishment, or anything else, these are some sure ways you can improve your odds of being a fantastic leader during this time.