I took my own advice and I am so glad I did.

Back in June, my acknowledgement and celebration of the summer solstice prompted me to write a blog post reminding everyone to enjoy the season. It was my way of giving everyone the permission we rarely give to ourselves – to “live a little”.

As I imagine is the case with most of us bloggers, we write not only for our readers we also write for ourselves. I say this because my blog is as much for me as it is for you. It feels good to let the words fall out of my head and onto a page. It also feels good to get my thoughts organized and clearly articulated.

My blog helps me stay focused and accountable to myself.

Sometimes I write because feel clever or sage and I want to share my insights, but more often than not my blog posts just come out of nowhere. Such is the magic of inspiration.

I write what comes to mind but I also try to be careful about what I put out to the universe. I’ve been told that I can be a bit preachy sometimes when I’m talking about things that I’m passionate about. Knowing that about myself, I know that if I’m putting things down in writing for the public to see, at the very least I’d better be practicing what I preach.

It’s easy to dispense advice but it’s often difficult to take it – even when it’s coming out of your own mouth. Do we always walk it like we talk it? Of course not, we’re human! But nobody wants to be a hypocrite.

So I thought about what I wrote. I knew that I had written that post for myself. It was an admonition to myself to not waste any more time or opportunities – to not waste what’s left of the energy and vibrancy that still runs through me. It was an imperative command to seize the moment and focus on fun. Because, as we like to say around these parts, “Ya ain’t gettin’ any younger”.

I took my own words to heart and I made it a priority to truly enjoy my summer.

And am I glad I did. I had a blast! The last three months have been filled with camping, hiking, road trips, national parks, festivals, music, dancing, reunions, long lunches and impromptu dinner parties. I enjoyed the company of friends and family and met so many lovely new people.

My summer was everything I wanted it to be and everything I needed it to be to feel connected and engaged with the world around me.

Allowing myself to “live a little” gave me the release and perspective I need to stay positive in a challenging and often disappointing world.

As the long days of summer wane towards autumn, don’t deny yourself one last shot at maximizing what’s left of this season. You still have a few more weeks to feel the magic of summer. There is still fun and frolic to be had.

Trust me I know, I’m walking the talk by writing this while at a camp-out with friends.


Originally published at jeligavric.com