Pradip Adhikari is a 19 years old teenager from Jhapa, Nepal. He is an
intense coder obsessed with technology. As a result, he is known as
CoderPradip among most of the youths in his area as well as all over
Nepal. He passed his school and high school from Garamani Campus in
Jhapa. Now, he is working as the founder of first Nepali technology
forum, Tech Sanjal as well as the administrator of popular Nepali web
hosting company, TechnoWebNepal. He is also conducting different
workshops about web development and online earning in different
places of the country. He has previously worked as a web programming
and coding teacher at Jhapa’s branch of highly professional technology
institute, IIHT and as a Technical Coordinator in MyLife Magazine.
He has developed more than 50 websites as well as provided his
services to more than 100 different news portals, schools, colleges and
organizations. He is the founder and president of a socially active
Facebook group, Nepalese Circle, and the CEO of first technology forum
in Nepal, Tech Sanjal. People can ask questions and queries related to
technology and get answers from well-trained or professional
individuals in Tech Sanjal. CoderPradip isn’t just a web developer, but
also a YouTuber, Blogger, Graphics Designer, Trainer, Media person and
Social worker.
Through his Facebook group, Nepalese Circle, CoderPradip has
conducted cyber awareness programs in different schools in Jhapa to
spread the knowledge of internet and computer technology. He had
been working at IIHT Jhapa as a web programming teacher for 2 years
from mid-2015 to late-2017 where he taught 300+ students. He has
been working in the field of technology since 2015 as a trainer, web
developer as well as a social media expert. He had been conducting
different workshops and competitions while he was a part of IIHT Jhapa
with his team in Jhapa only. But now, he has been conducting
workshops for online earning and website development all over Nepal.
He recently conducted a 20-Day Workshop on ‘Online Earning and Web
Development’ where he helped many students of secondary and higher
secondary level as well as university level. He’s also planning to conduct
different competitions in the field of technology along with his
TechSanjal team.
Currently, almost all youths and teenagers of his age are addicted to
computers, but they are just wasting their time on social medias. But,
CoderPradip has been working very hard in the field of web
development, web hosting and social media marketing to help bring a
revolution in the field of technology in Nepal. In the span of next five
years, he wants to take Nepali technology to the next level. He told us,
“There are very few people working in the field of technology in Nepal
right now and I hope to increase the number by conducting different
workshops in this field all over the country to attract youths and small
children to learn about technology”.


  • Prakash Neupane is a singer, writer, poet and rap artist from Nepal. He is also engaged in writing, blogging and journalism.