A lot of us already know about PRObiotics but do you know the difference between a PREbiotic and A PRObiotic? Let me explain. Probiotics are LIVE Bacteria in yogurt and other dairy products. It is frequently prescribed by your physician to prevent severe diarrhea,bloating,cramping as a side effect from taking a prescribed Antibiotic for any number of medical reasons. BUT PRObiotics can be destroyed by heat,stomach acid defeating the purpose they were intended for even before they have a chance to act. We also don’t know which good bacteria our individual bowels would require as everyone is different. Now let me explain a PREbiotic to you. A PREbiotic is a plant fiber that nourishes and promotes the “GOOD” bacteria that already is in your bowel! A PREbiotic is a fertilizer allowing the “GOOD” Bacteria that is already there to thrive!The PREbiotic optimizes the ratio of good to bad bacteria. An example of a Prebiotic are Leeks which I will discuss in more detail later. Patients that take in prebiotics on a daily basis have less problems with depression,anxiety. Prebiotics are not affected by heat or acid. 

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