We each face challenges and opportunities in every intersection of our lives. Our ability to choose how we react to toxic or healthy people and situations determines the quality of our life.

We have been taught that we must fight for our place in history (the known). Look at all the advertising campaigns around retirement, for example, asking each of us what our legacy will be—infusing fear into us with a scarcity mindset, which questions whether we’ll have enough to survive. But imagine what happens when you become aware that this is simply the branding message of companies that want us to “save” enough cash for some mythical day; always with a focus on that obscure day. There’s also an assumption that we all will have the ability to retire, which is inherently false. Personally, I want to live in a world where we no longer have the concept of retirement and we get to live a healthy and meaningful life. What kind of world is for you? 

The world we inherited is filled with war and conflict. But wars are not won for very long when we choose to react with more conflict and the need to be right or better than someone. The person who dies with the most likes or possessions doesn’t  always win in the end, and neither does the villain or the “powerful” bully. 

When we are angry, we tend to lash out and bring a destructive energy with us. When we choose to react by being offended or feeling that another wronged us, we fight for what we believe is right. This very energy keeps us deeply trapped and divided within ourselves and each other. 

This, my friends, is the timeline (way of life) many of us are choosing to step out of. Not by declarations. But through our own actions. It’s personal. Stepping into our power means taking a breath to become aware that there is a healthy path waiting for anyone ready to step out of these toxic beliefs and structures. So someone is right. Someone is wrong. Now what? Who wins when everyone loses and we stay in conflict and repeat these stories and battles over and over? 

For those of us willing to trek into the unknown, this emerging timeline is one of creation. We are setting the foundation for healthy pathways on our own and starting to meet others with healthy intentions as we take our first steps. 

Within the days to come as we enter November 2020, we will be facing the fear that has been embedded into our society in almost every corner of the world. There is huge uncertainty as countries engage in the next wave of lockdown and isolation. Many people are already struggling every day with this unexpected way of living. I’ve heard friends say they are happy their parents are no longer alive to see the state of the world today, and I understand them as this can be a very challenging time as we witness the inefficiency of our systems and the growing divisions. Mantras like we’re in it together are simply mantras until we truly are.

But despite it all, we are also witnessing a lot of hope and courage from people saying enough by taking the time to go deep inside and get in touch with ourselves.

The idea of unlearning is not new. It is at least four thousand years old and is rooted in sacred texts. There are many amazing stories in our collective history about inspirational people who were self-taught and became pioneers, changing the course for humanity. It is encouraging to know more people today are looking to step out of the rat race. More and more are questioning the fast-food culture we’ve created, wanting to support different lifestyles that align with abundance and nutrition that is created from the heart—not from great profit margins.

The timeline that is opening up is one where we leave great resistance and conflict behind, choosing to deal with our wounds but no longer taking them everywhere we go. Stepping out of the villain-victim or hero-savior stories as they become irrelevant when we don’t buy and consume someone else’s toxic agenda. 

Change happens when we step out of self-righteousness and deal with our wounds and get grounded in nature and the earth that sustains us. We replace destructive and divisive energy with conscious awareness of the choices we make in every aspect of our lives. And yes, there will be many staying in a false sense of safety complying to whoever is trying to hold on to the power in toxic ways. But that is also a choice. For one person, a problem is a problem. For another, a problem is also an opportunity to create. 

This is a time when we can each step into our own power by not being seduced with promises of some day. There is a whole unknown waiting to be explored and co-created as the veil of reality is revealed and comes into full focus.

Enjoy the ride!