With me returning to the workforce and restarting my career goals I thought I’d start to include my opinions and thoughts on the blog.

Mostly because this place is a reflection of me, but also because I want to be able to share my experiences. Plus offer any support and dare I say advice if and when I may be able to.

So these changes, a few new categories and a more laid back approach means I have more to write about. As well as less to hold back and a new leash of life when it comes to creating content.

As you will be aware from my last career related blog post, I started work again this week. When I say work, I mean I started a new office based job that doesn’t revolve around my blog, sponsored work and late invoices.

It was a case of right place, right time, right position and I couldn’t be happier with how my time here has gone already. I’ve even mastered the daily commute by train, missed a train change and driven to my new place of work without drama or panic so that’s great news too.

Let’s have a talk about preparing for THAT interview and how I’ve prepared for job interviews in the past. This may apply to you for any interview but in my case I’ve put a lot more effort into those job positions that I’ve REALLY wanted.

How I prepared for THAT interview.

The first thing I did when applying for the perfect job was tweak my CV to contain relevant information to the role I was applying for. I’d also write a lengthy yet informative cover letter to accompany that.

Once you’ve gotten through that stage and you’re interview request lands in your inbox. That’s when the hard bit begins.


There is nothing that a delve into the business can do to hinder you. Look into the company, connect with a few employees on LinkedIn. Take a look at any news articles they may have, how they’re performing. Learn the business inside out. Whether it’s a shop that was launched in 1924 opening it’s 400th store or a sales business having their best year of revenue. You want to learn about it beforehand.


If you really want to look well prepared. Look into competing companies and find out what makes them different. If you’re hoping to get into business development or sales and likely to come up against competition. Knowing your enemy and your unique selling points in advance is going to make you look like a strong candidate.

Think smart.

I know it’s an obvious one, but really think about what you’re going to wear. Coming across as professional and smart is always going to look better. I know in this day and age we aren’t to judge on appearance, unfortunately when you’re applying for jobs this is likely a deal breaker.


There is nothing worse then getting asked a question and drawing a total blank. It happens in most interviews and I always feel awkward. Usually there are similarities in the type of questions potential employers will ask as they try to determine whether you are a good fit for their company. Use the internet. It’s literally your best friend in these kind of situations.

There are probably so many more things that you can do to prepare for THAT interview but these are the main things for me. If I’ve done all of the above and researched it all I’m always so much more confident and I hope that comes across in the process.

I always feel like if you have that confidence then it really helps you to shine. So go forth and shine away.

Is there anything else you’d do that’s different? Anything you’d like to add.

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Written by Emma Allen