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This article will be presenting Natural Flex, an information hub covering the topic of natural bodybuilding. Throughout the article, you will understand what their goal is and what you can expect from their blog.

What is Natural Flex?

Natural Flex is a start-up natural bodybuilding blog with the main goal of raising awareness of the hazards of steroid use in bodybuilding. It is a community-focused platform that strives to encourage bodybuilders of all experience levels to pursue a natural bodybuilding journey and achieve their goals in a healthy, positive manner.

What are Natural Flex’s main goals? 

Bringing back the basics of natural bodybuilding

The blog was started to create a platform for reliable, well-informed information to tackle the ever-growing challenge of trying to navigate the endless advice online about bodybuilding. The internet has an incomprehensible amount of information available, but unfortunately, many of the online sources are questionable, to say the least.

Between new fads and trends which come in and out of fashion weekly and overly-complicated new techniques that claim to be the miracle solution to any issue, it can be a real challenge to figure out what you should take on-board and what is nonsense made up to seem ‘relevant’. By selectively choosing research- and experience-based articles written by people who are passionate about the sport, Natural Flex is a great source of inspiration and information for newbies and old-timers alike.

As a Natural Bodybuilding blog, Natural Flex does not only settle for encouraging their audience to remain natural but also strives to educate people on how to set themselves up for the healthiest, most successful natural bodybuilding journey possible. Many people who begin to stagnate or plateau during their natural bodybuilding journey may be led to believe that they need to use steroids to reach the ‘next level’ but that simply isn’t true.

Natural Flex can help you to optimise your training and lifestyle in order to maximise your results. It’s all about training smarter than harder.

Performance-enhancing drugs awareness

Steroid awareness is one of the core intentions of Natural Flex and something that they feel very passionately about. As steroid abuse can be a fairly taboo subject within the bodybuilding community and also the wider public, it can be hard to find resources that speak openly about the dangers and risks involved in using performance-enhancing drugs. Natural Flex hopes that by instigating an open conversation about the realities of steroid use in the bodybuilding community that they can help people to make informed decisions and avoid unwittingly putting themselves in harm’s way (both now and in years to come as they face the consequences of their decisions).

Mental health awareness

The use of PEDs is not the only contentious or difficult topic that matters to Natural Flex and they pride themselves on tackling topics that are often overlooked or brushed under the carpet such as mental health issues and other problems that need to be addressed in bodybuilding. If we are able to consider the flaws within the sport in a constructive manner then it creates the opportunity for change and progression, therefore improving the sport as a whole.

Bringing a sense of community

As mentioned in the beginning, they also consider themselves to be a community-centered blog that engages with their audience and loves to interact with their readers. Creating a community of natural bodybuilders who can support each other and share their experiences to help others is one of their big goals. They love hearing feedback and finding out how their advice has helped their readers, as well as taking suggestions for topics that you want to hear about or learn about but can’t seem to find much information on. They even feature readers who want to share their stories and experiences, whether through an interview or having guest writers on their blog.

They also interview experienced and professional bodybuilders and discuss a range of topics with them!

Natural Flex is definitely a highly recommendable natural bodybuilding platform to use for education and entertainment purposes, whether you want to read about how most successful natural bodybuilders achieved their figures or how to structure your workout split. It is a one-stop-shop for all things natural bodybuilding, health, and fitness.

Check it out!