In today’s world, we live through our data; we make memories with our smartphone cameras, write school and work assignments on our laptops, and keep all our contacts in digital phonebooks. Our quotidian reliance on technology makes permanent data loss so incredibly stressful and unproductive.

A computer crash or an iPhone stolen can mean countless hours wasted working on a project or networking for contacts. Scarily, this type of data loss happens more often than one might think. Every year, more than 60 million computers fail worldwide; every month, one in ten computers is infected with a virus; and every minute, 113 phones are lost or stolen. This is why backing up data is so important.

“Backing up” is simply the process of copying data from your devices onto some external storage unit (can be hardware or digital). Backing up your data allows you to work with the peace of mind knowing that IF something happens, your effort was not wasted.

The concept of backing up data seems like a no brainer, right? After all, with the click of a button and a few minutes syncing, an individual can be sure that they do not lose precious data in the event of a computer virus, stolen phone, or even just a spilled coffee. That is why it is so surprising that 29% of individuals who use a computer have NEVER backed up their data, and that only 10% of computer users back up their data daily.

To help change these numbers, World Backup Day is trying to raise awareness about the necessity for data backup. They encourage every individual to take the “World Backup Day Pledge,” and backup all data on March 31st, 2017. By encouraging massive backups they hope to prevent data loss and help people everywhere to work smarter.

Many companies have realized the necessity for World Backup Day and are running deals and giveaways to encourage users to backup their data on March 31st. One of these companies is Seagate Technology. Seagate is currently collaborating with DISTLD Media to giveaway a free 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim. The link to this giveaway is here.

It is great to see companies like Seagate encouraging users to work smarter and backup their data.

I have taken the World Backup Day Pledge, and I hope you do too. It only takes a few minutes to backup your data, but it can save you days of unnecessary stress.

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