To be honest people usually, want to know things like “How do I keep my mother from falling”? Or what should I do? My grandfather’s been falling”. We all care for our elderly members. After all, falls are scary things. Most people know that falls are dangerous for older adults.

According to Centers for Disease Control report, one-third of Americans seniors falls causes a serious injury such as broken bone or a head injury. The fear of falling in old age can seriously affect the quality of life and miserably, can keep a person away from being active and thriving.

Therefore, I want to write an article to guide people on how you can prevent your elderly from falling in old age. Falling can be prevented with proper care and precautions. There are many basic skills related to upper and lower body strength that can definitely reduce the likelihood of an accidental falling.

First, understand why do older people fall?

Before knowing the prevention I always recommend you to learn better understand why he or she, in particular, might fall. Because when you understand the particular reasons an older person may be falling, then you will be able to:-

  • Identify which fall prevention strategies will most likely to help the person that you are worried about.
  • Recognize a risky situation and take a step to avoid.
  • Ask your doctor to look into the medical condition of your senior ones.
  • Understand the cause of the fall, to protect them from future falls.

Do you know:-

  • Falls are the most common cause of Traumatic Brain Injury.
  • Falls cause most fractures, which include the severe injuries like a hip fracture.
  • Senior –women are twice as likely to suffer a fall-related fracture.

The precautions to be taken to prevent elderly member from falling –

  • Clear the Floor

According to many research studies, falls happen most often at home. If you have a senior at your house, remove all the small furniture, throw rugs, electrical cords and pet gear that can make a people trip. Wiped the spills immediately, use the nonslip adhesive strips on stairs to make the surface less hazardous. Install, grab rails in the bathroom.

Experts Advice– Always take double –protection for your elderly ones. Make your home hazard proofing and as safe as possible. You can also give them a Safesound Personal Alarm to alert you during any emergency.

  • Lighten Up

Look around your home and ensure that it is well-lighted. As we all know proper lighting prevent from trip and fall. Placed the location of the switches where it is easily accessible. Light switches from the entrances, rooms and yes most importantly bathrooms. The technology has so much change that you can also install an automatic motion sensor –light.

Expert Advice: – Make sure that light switches are easy to find use. The National Association of Home Builders also provides a helpful checklist for aging in remodeling.

  • Eye Checks

Yearly eye checks are essential to display and treating the problems that reduce vision and increase the fall risk. Studies have also found that getting a change in glasses also increase the fall risk. So, it’s always better to consult an ophthalmologist about how to gradually adjust and safely wear multifocal lenses.

Expert advice – Vision problems always lead to navigation difficulty. As we age our eyes age too. So it’s still important to go for an eye checkup. A physical health check-up is always to take care of.

  • Medication –

Medication should be taken only as it is prescribed. Certain over the counter drug can also lead to reducing the balance. Medications like blood pressure medication also increase fall risk. Always suggest your family member take rest after medication. Always consult your pharmacist about the medication.

Expert advice – Those who take a lot of medication are at greater risk of falling, as many medication cause dizziness or unsteadiness. Eating healthy and nutritious food, with regular balance exercise will definitely prevent you from falling.

  • Ask For Risk Assessment

Health and caregiving professional can evaluate a senior’s home environment for safety as part of a comprehensive assessment. Providers such as nurses, social worker, doctors home visits that look after for various medication.

Expert advice – Always suggest them to take medication as advised by caregiving professional. You should always discuss the health of your senior’s and stay updated with their health report.

How to Avoid Emergency:-

The thought of a loved one who falls and can’t summon help as he or she is too injured is everyone’s nightmare. Investing in the medical alert system is always a good idea. It offers seniors a way to get help instantly. Better than a cell phone, a Safesound Personal Alarm is recommending for summoning professional medical health immediately.

Remember a fall can be devastating when you get
older, it can cause more damage. Most importantly, loved ones can provide
emotional support. The good news is that
it can be prevented by doing the right planning and taking vital steps.

Don’t make falling as an inevitable result of aging.


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