“Good necessities call out great virtues” (BrainyQuote.com, Abigail Adams Quote 2020) Abagail Adams

Principle guides a leader onto the path of success but character is what keeps him or her firmly fixed on the pathway. You could be black, white, poker dotted an avatar, a lady or of a different faith or religious orientation or leaning it really is immaterial. What matters the most isn’t the pigment of ones skin like a famous musician once pointed out “you can never spend your life being a colour”, but the character that one would possess and certain traits are what distinguish between those who set public opinion and those who pander to it like a cipher.

These traits, like the principles from which their foundations are built upon, are indistinguishable from successful and decisive leadership and no one typifies this more than the Wife of the second president of the United States, and the mother of the sixth president of the United States Abagail Adams. A pillar of stability who was considered both bright and vivacious she would provide her son with wisdom that would prove telling in shaping the younger John Quincy Adams into the man he would later become as we see this in a quote she would relay to her son as they lay present at their Massachusetts farm with the war of independence raging on the American continent.

“These are times in which a genius would wish to live, it is not in the still calm of life that great characters are formed, the habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties” ( Founders Online, National Archives 2020).

Character is what makes a man or woman great. Everything else is merely an added accessory. Imagine having a metallic black BMW G20 generation with all black rims an eye pleasing interior design which gives off a luxurious feel with both comfort and functionality all melded into. And then replacing the Engine which is the basis of the actual performance of the vehicle with one from a lawnmower! Would anyone consider that to be wise? Let me answer that quickly for you in case you haven’t already done so. NO! Hell NO! This applies as well on the issue of character. It is the engine which drives great men and women and gets them to be able to reach the heights. As Steven Covey so poignantly put it “an agreement means very little in letter without the character to sustain it in spirit”, and if one wants people to agree with their leadership, to allow decisive outcomes to materialize they best start forging their character for this is a weapon which is stronger than any sword or shield you could care to mention and even through trying times it will always be by your side.

Traits like Courage, perseverance, ambition, determination, self-confidence, an analytical mind, inquisitiveness, innovativeness, accountability, responsibility, work ethic, energy, patience, proactivity, abundance mindset, magnetism, risk taking, charm, composure to name but a few. These traits usually find themselves embellished in a creature of a decisive nature spurring them on and pushing them forward to perform great acts in the heat of the moment, when they are needed most. And If these traits cannot be found in a person called a leader in any realm of society, I think its best we start to call that person something else.

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