Prince Harry gets candid in a podcast about his mental health struggles since losing his mother, Princess Diana, nearly 20 years ago. The podcast was released by The Telegraph earlier this week.

The royal, 32, says he “shut down” his emotions well into his late 20s in an effort to cope with his mother’s death, something that “had quite a serious effect on not only my personal life by my work as well.”

Prince Harry says his brother Prince William urged him to get help and explains how therapy, along with exercise like boxing, have been beneficial for him. He says his original method of staying quiet about his struggle was “only ever going to make it worse” and that when he finally spoke out about it, he was surprised at how much support he received.

Together with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry is leading the Heads Together campaign aimed at destigmatizing the conversation around mental health.

Prince William also FaceTimed with Lady Gaga this week to create a video for Heads Together. TIME reports that Prince William praised Lady Gaga for her moving open letter about her own mental health issues and she explained that though she was nervous to disclose such personal information, talking about it (especially on such a big stage) “can make a huge difference. She added, “I feel like we are not hiding anymore, we’re starting to talk. And that’s what we need to do.”

Listen to the podcast here and read more about Prince Harry and Lady Gaga’s FaceTime session here.

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