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Today, when I ask others what their priorities are, they usually start with family and/or God/religion. Makes sense right?! I have a slightly different concept, and I think if more people would adopt this theory, their priorities would freely line up.

I believe if we would put health and prevention as our #1 priority in life, the other very important factors would get just as much of our attention. Ok, stay with me. If we put our “staying healthy and preventing illness” WAYYY up top of that priority list, then we have a strong tool (aka our mind, body, and spirit) to help us with our other priorities.

“I don’t have time” is the #1 excuse I hear from others when they say they don’t cook or they mostly eat out. But I believe the saying goes, “If we don’t make time for our wellness, we will be forced to make time for our sickness”. I wholeheartedly believe this and it’s my passion to help others see the importance of keeping their food choices as a TOP priority. When I say “health”, I am not talking about regular doctor’s visits or getting the flu shot.

I believe our health starts in our kitchen. What we choose to eat day in and day out directly affects our health. It is a direct path to how well we parent, how productive we are at work, how we nurture and treat our relationships with our spouses, parents, children, co-workers, and friends; even our ability to connect with our God/Spirituality.

Habitually consuming overly processed foods, fast foods, inflammatory foods and lacking in enough water consumption can and most definitely will affect our health. And the scariest part, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. It can take years and even decades for these foods to reak havoc on our health. Did you know that MOST chronic disease is preventable? That by taking small steps in our daily diets every day can, in the long run, prevent us from getting those horrible diseases and chronic health conditions. If you or someone you know is battling a disease or chronic health condition, I promise you this… it didn’t happen overnight. It’s been cultivating. Your body is screaming. And it’s time to listen to it.

So, I tell you all of this for one reason. Take a look at your priorities. Write them down and be completely open and honest with yourself. It’s time for some self-reflection, honey. And if you ever want help in making those small daily shifts in the foods you eat, I got you. It’s my mission to make positive food changes possible for anyone. It just takes small steps every single day toward healthier eating. I’ll be here. I’m not stopping. Every time I am able to influence and change someone’s health by educating them on the power of real/whole foods, it lights that fire in me. It pushes me to keep going.

Where is food on your priority list?


  • Shelley Loving

    Certified Holistic Food Educator & Nutrition Chef

    Shelley Can Help

    After watching my husband, at the young age of 41, have a massive heart attack, I knew right then my mission and passion in life was forever changed. I had a fire in my belly to forever change our relationship with food. And not like a small camp fire. I'm talking about the kind of fires we light out here in the country. We call them bonfires! I had a bonfire in my gut!  We were no longer going to see food as therapy, but as fuel and as medicine. I graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2018 and The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. You see, I believe food can be simple when we get back to the basics. After a year of teaching in-person local workshops on how to hit the reset button on food and stop all the calorie, carb and macros counting that this society has put into our heads, I realized my mission was to teach this to more people. After losing countless hours of sleep and 8 months of creating content, I launched an online program called The Food Shift. I also love hosting 2-week online group challenges. It's a way for me to help others reset their own relationship with food. It looks different for everyone, and I wanted a way for people to find their own journey with food; a way for them to transform their OWN dietary lifestyle. When we get our foods in line, our weight will take care of itself. And when we get our health in check, we make our spirits brighter too! But one thing is for ALL starts in our kitchen.