Prioritizing Relaxation

People are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off and relax progressively blaming technology, phone, social media, and work emails. They frequently describe not being engaged in the task at hand or not being aware of what they’ve been doing for the last half-hour.

Episodes of zoning out are often related to the mind being overwhelmed or exhausted – it starts to dissociate from the situation. Being disconnected from the digital world for a little while is important to regain our focus and our energy. We seem to have forgotten how to relax and enjoy ourselves and a busy lifestyle with no downtime can negatively impact our health.

Practicing relaxation is paramount to managing stress.  When we relax the flow of blood around our body increases giving us more energy. A calmer and clearer mind aids positive thinking and decision-making. The opposite of distraction is concentration. 

Fitting Relaxation Into Our Lives

We can start to take control by finding a relaxing solution that satisfies us – this in itself is empowering. We could even take this one step further and try to identify different occupations that might relax and reinvigorate us. For example, candles are scientifically proven to soothe us and scented candles have been used for centuries to promote healing and enhance meditation.

So by getting involved in customizing our own candles, we not only control what goes into them, get to do something that’s fun and simple, we also get to enjoy a creative outlet that could be turned into a money-spinner

Another approach is to try to find the adult version of what we enjoyed as a child – if we liked building things then we might find our relaxation in baking. Whatever we choose it’s important to fit pleasure into our busy lives. Something as simple as enhancing our daily shower with relaxing music, essential oils, and ambient lighting can all create an experience to restore calm and inner peace.

Learn To Refresh

Taking time out to focus on ourselves can help us to feel in control. Whether it’s a hobby we enjoy, going for a walk, or practicing meditation, doing something for ourselves can help us look after our mental health. Try to be mindful by being aware of the present moment. This can help us to change the way we approach challenges and see them from a different point of view.

Research clearly proves that relaxation must be on the top of everyone’s list of priorities. It reduces wear and tears on the body and mind. How we relax is very personal and not all forms of relaxation are equal, so it’s vital to find out which ways work more productively for you to restore balance and quality of life.

Relaxation can be one of the healthiest things to incorporate into our everyday lives. In order to shed the worries and stresses of the day, we need to learn to let go. Daily stress can take a toll on both physical and mental well-being so learning to relax is a necessity for healthy living.