PRMG legacy team is making noise during the crisis of COVID-19. It is a particular tough time for families, hard working people on the front line and everyone else in the world economically and health wise. At our core principle as an organization we have a strong leadership team and we have stepped up to the plate accordingly. With an estimated 20 million people unemployed, their expenses are still high yet their income is dropping to a halt- people are having a tough time right now. How do we help our clients and the community in such a unique time? We  leverage our huge liquidity and strong balance sheet by offering competitive, flexible and affordable interest rates helping people save hundreds of dollars a month on their mortgage payments through refinancing. How can we do this? It’s a great question – we have aggressive loan products and underwriting flexibility in the market. We offer some of the best interest rates that have ever been seen in the history of America.

Our unique differentiator comes back to our mission which is to help people and serve them at a tough time like this. Being a bigger company and so specialized in this industry has allowed us to get very low, competitive rates and offer many product options with quicker closing times. This is a huge benefit, especially with Covid 19 making this a challenging economic environment. Speed is everything. Several other lending companies and organizations have unsuccessful deals because they don’t have the bandwidth that PRMG has which allows us to serve a bigger market and quicker.

As a result of  COVID-19 there has become a new economic “lending mindset” which has created different issues in the market right now. availability has tightened and loan product options have lessened as a result of that. PRMG has some of the most aggressive underwriting and products that the mortgage industry has to offer. We go down to a 580 score which helps bring more 1st time borrowers into homeownership. Our customer service and turn around times are among the best and fastest in the industry. Our technology allows us to leverage the virtual environment of closing loans making it as easy as being in person.

PRMG Legacy approach to business always starts with “How can I help?”. We are about helping “ALL” people enjoy the benefits of homeownership. We have a very diverse group of loan professionals that come from different diverse backgrounds and understand the communities that we serve along with the challenges that face them. We believe there is no such thing as a turndown, as we work with challenged ratings and help direct them towards solutions that result in homeownership.

Homeowners who are looking to take advantage of some of the lowest interest rates in history through refinancing to lower their mortgage payment, consolidate bills, and/or to receive cash out during these challenging economic times need look no further!

Outcome of article: to show that we can help people refinance their houses, we have a diverse background, we are easy and better to work with (due to speed, flexibility and aggressiveness when it comes to execution and that we are here to provide real advice, feedback and get results). Which in turns saves people money month to month on their mortgages which helps the average family or home owner.


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