How often have we heard of the adage “Honesty is the best policy”? Right from our school days, we have been fed with this sanctimonious statement. Apparently, it looks like a mix of innocuous words. But the weight with which it hits our life often surprises us. Probity is not just a simple word. It carries with it ones character, morale, attitude and demeanor. All the Holy Scriptures preaches to lead a life peppered with virtues. The saints, the spiritualists, the alchemists all points towards leading a life driven by values. But how often have we faltered? How often have we been true to ourselves? Truth is often bitter. Is that the reason why we tend to sashay away from it? This is something which we need to cogitate on.

We often get bogged down by the inequities in life. The questions “Why me?” and “Why not others”? , burgeons in our mind. It is at such critical phase that we tend to deviate from our ethics and values. Honesty takes a back seat then. To neutralize the ill effects of a denigrating incident, we may take an unholy short cut. Our virtues dissipate as we see our compatriots prosper while we fail miserably. Our values erode and we feel life is not fair. But we often forget the truth that life is not fair with everyone. For every success there will be a failure. For every rise, a downfall. But it is at these testing times that we need to hold on to our values more dearly and lead an honest life. It takes courage to accept the truth and live by the truth. Very few people can do it.

We have been leading a blissful life, quite oblivious to the happenings around us. The world is swollen with Atrocities, dishonesty and debauchery. Malice and deceit are daily affairs. Every day out there is a test on our integrity and morale .It is very easy to be swept away in this filthy deluge, unless we keep our eyes open and act sanely. There may be temptations galore, but our success lies in how best we can restrain ourselves from unrighteous propositions. In such instances our inner voice and conscience should prevail above all.

Once, a nondescript man in white Dhothi stirred the pent up patriotic feelings in us. He made us to stand up for our rights. But, every time, do we need someone like him to tell us what is right and what is wrong? Our conscience should be always undeterred, ethical and honest.

Every job is the self portrait of the person who does it. Let us festoon it with honesty and excellence.