First of all, who is an entrepreneur? They are individuals who turn ideas into reality and as a result, are very important in our society. Entrepreneurship comes along with a lot of responsibilities and risks. An Entrepreneur is one who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make a profit. He is commonly seen as an innovator, a designer of new ideas and business processes. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be facing one problem after another. In a journey fraught with challenges on a day-to-day basis, how does one embrace success? A lot of the responsibility for this lies on the shoulders of the entrepreneur and their approach to problems and challenges. What’s important isn’t how many problems you face, but instead how you address those problems.

Every entrepreneur has their own unique style, but some problem solving approaches are inherently more effective than others. Problem-solving skills are extremely important in life and more so in business. Regardless of your profession, industry or lifestyle, solving problems is part of everyday life. The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with ups and downs and my ability to solve problems has given me great success in business says Darshan Budhrani.

No problem is too much for an entrepreneur to solve. It can always be fixed, overturned, circumvented, or avoided altogether through changes. The most successful entrepreneurs don’t accept defeat; they keep moving and changing. Part of being a great problem solver is knowing how to evaluate each situation and look at outcomes on a holistic level, analyzing how your solutions will affect you or your business in the long term. Today isn’t nearly as important as a day three to five years from now. Successful entrepreneurs don’t rely on patchwork fixes; they always prioritize long-term solutions.

Persistence, determination or perseverance is a key trait of successful people. The best news is that problem-solving skills can be developed over time. Through practice and persistence, you can teach yourself to think critically, to be more decisive and to analyze situations faster and better.

Darshan says my problem-solving skills have developed and improved over time through experience and hearing about the experiences of other entrepreneurs. Management skills and strong team-building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attributes for successful entrepreneurs. Success is about how you stand out in a crowd, make a mark, and do things differently. For an entrepreneur, that is what differentiates the successful ones from the rest.

Some problem-solving skills that entrepreneur should master

Decision Making Skills

The next skill that every entrepreneur must possess is decision making. After analyzing several possible solutions to the problem at hand, an entrepreneur must be able to arrive at a decision quickly.

Critical Thinking

When in a problem, most of us tend to make decisions in a hurry. We simply execute the first idea that comes into our minds without taking the time to think about the issue at hand.

Critical thinking is the process of taking your time to digest the issue at hand logically before making a judgment.


Having initiative is central to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Not only is it important in terms of customer acquisition, it helps when you have to solve a problem.

Proactive entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to do things, to communicate with their staff and to improve their product or service, inadvertently reducing the risk of having problems in the future.

Understanding the Business

This is one of the most important skills set that every individual must-have. This skill is not one you can develop in your closet, it’s a skill you develop by putting yourself on the line, it’s a skill you develop by getting your hands dirty. Understanding comes from experience, and experience is all that is required in the business.

Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs with good people skills inspire others to be more confident in expressing their opinions and encourage them to give feedback, which can speed up the process of finding solutions.

Every day is another adventure, and sometimes on those adventures, your job is to put out fires. It is in these moments success is struck or failure is found.

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