Is the word “productivity” as daunting and life-less for you as it is for me? I am highlighting the “IV” in that word because the entire concept needs a little transfusion. I prefer the term “kicking ass.”  It speaks to my heart and makes me feel like a superhero when I’m trying to produce results and achieve goals.  Let’s face it, getting what we want in life — whether at our job or in our personal lives — sometimes requires feats of mind, body and/or spirit!

Achieving any big is more like accomplishing a thousand tiny miraculous actions that all eventually somehow line up to create a straight line to your goal. Along the way, though, is that seemingly faulty and circuitous path of one step forward and two steps back, one step to the side, one smack down to the ground, and finally another two steps forward. When I achieve a huge goal, though, I always seem to look back at that silly circuitous route and see only the straight line.  

I ran a marathon — just one — and I remember looking back at the journey as almost easy.  Obviously it wasn’t but it really was just one baby goal after another: 9 miles one week, 12 miles a few weeks later, 20 miles several weeks after that and then, miraculously, 26.2 miles.  Each time I hit one of these markers that I had never before hit, I was kind of in awe. But, it was just a series of little goals leading to one giant goal.  Was I productive every week, producing results all along the way to marathon day?  Yes, but one step at a time.

The other day I had to accomplish several important tasks in a few arena where I am trying to achieve some big things right now. Somehow everything flowed — even when it didn’t.  For instance, I had to go into a building that had high security just like they have at airports.  I set off the alarm and had to practically disrobe for the 5 sets of discerning guards’ eyes. Eventually a woman guard patted me down.  The offending clothing was my underwire bra so she was extensively investigating my breasts, albeit with a professional touch.   I wanted to scream and cry all at the same time. I was shaken but I still had to be sharp and kick ass at my appointment.  I had to make my goal far more important than my upset to get back into the game.  

Having goals you truly care about helps you leap over the emotional upsets and keep your word in spite of yourself.  So when you are looking to set your goals ask yourself questions like these:

  • What goal in my job would make me feel like a superhero?
  • What goal in my relationship would make me feel like my partner and I were soaring high in the sky with our love?
  • What fitness goal would make me feel particularly kick ass and proud?
  • What vacation goal would thrill me to achieve?  Where have I always dreamed of going but thought it was impossible?
  • What artistic part of myself could I re-awaken with a new inspiring goal?

Being honest with yourself during goal setting is crucial. Does it make your heart sing? Do you want to keep your word to achieve all the steps between you and that goal?  Do you really want to achieve it?  If not, look again: is it perhaps one step to an even larger goal?  Can you get behind it now?

Once you use that mighty heart of yours to establish the end game, keeping in integrity with that goal will be a heart strengthening exercise every step of the way. You are giving your heart what it deeply desires, and stretching yourself to do so on a continuous basis.  How moving is that?

And here’s the great news: the more you keep your word to yourself, and achieve goal after goal, the bigger your heart’s dreams can grow. So, dream big and keep your word.  You will inspire the heck out of others if you do, and you will feel like a superhero and, dare I say, productIVe as all get out. How can you not with a fresh transfusion of love and self-love directed right at your mighty heart?



  • Bridget Fonger

    Author of "Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World," Host of the Superhero of Love Podcast

    Author of "Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World" (Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari Press, January 2019) and co-author "The Lazy Woman's Guide to Just About Everything." Find her on HuffPo, Quora,Twitter, etc. and check out the "Superhero of Love Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts!  Bridget is the creator of Love Forward Talks and event talks can be found on YouTube on the Superhero of Love channel.