Can stress ever FEEL like a positive? 

Stress impacts the body negatively, but are there times when it can be perceived as a positive? 

Can we trick our minds?

Let’s break down how stress can be perceived as a positive. 

Think about a time when you have had to reach a deadline or a target. Maybe you felt that push, that drive, that rush. Maybe all of sudden everything became clear, you could focus and nothing got in your way.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a positive? It’s helping you to get you to your goal!

Seems like a positive, right?

It’s like tapping into an unimaginable amount of energy that gives you superhuman power. 

How could that be a negative? 

Let me walk you through my experience.

I’ve never been addicted to any substance or anything like that. However, I loved the rush, that mental clarity, that overwhelming feeling of achievement. 

Twelve hour days? Pfft. Sleep? Why sleep when I have goals to achieve? Rest day? Who needs one when I can be Wonder Woman and get everything done in one fell swoop. 

In the short-term, it felt fantastic. 

The downside is it was addictive. And like all addictions, they usually turn into huge problems. And this was no different for me. 

When I flipped that switch to fight or flight and lived off that adrenaline to be productive, that’s when I got myself into trouble.

That mentality led me to a chronic illness. My health took the toll for this seemingly positive addiction. 

That’s when a short-term success turned into a long-term problem. 

Was it quick? Absolutely not. Was I confused about why all of a sudden my body started to betray me? Absolutely.  

So the seemingly positive, non-detrimental stress turned into my nightmare. 

I’m not an anomaly. I’m not this randomly unfortunate person who got sick from my love of adrenaline.

No. There are so many people out there that live like that. They don’t recognize how stress can lead to bigger issues. Or even know that they are stressed.

Chronic illness from stress is becoming one of the number one killers of our time.

Take a moment. Have a ponder. Are you currently riding that adrenaline wave? Does a rest day mean nothing to you? Do you find yourself unable to truly relax because there is always something to do? 

If that is you, take a moment. This feeling does not last. I can attest to that. 

Take a close look at the cracks that could be starting to show. Is risking your health worth chasing that never-ending stream of goals? 

Recognizing this isn’t easy. Admitting this is even harder.

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