Jamil Abiad

When Jamil Abiad talks to his students, he wants to make sure they understand that playing a good ball isn’t always enough. When you want to reach your full potential, it takes more than a good game. He helps take his players not only to the next level in their game but shows them how being a well-rounded individual can make an impact in their lives. If you want to play on his team, it means good grades, as well as volunteering during the season.

As a smart role model, mentor, professional trainer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Jamil understands the need for your body and mind to be in sync. He brings this same philosophy to those he coaches, whether he’s coaching a team, involved in one of his camps or clinics, doing 1:1 coaching, or film breakdowns. This well-respected professional basketball trainer has made a name for himself in the Ottawa and Eastern Canada area and is doing his part to not only help kids thrive but make a difference in the world around them.

Today, with life challenging us at every turn, it’s important to understand that life is about more than simply you. He has strict requirements if you want to play on his team. His Team Believe helps serious players get to the next level, both in sports and in life.

To fuel your dreams, it takes the right type of mindset and hard work, which is why he requires his ballplayers to volunteer 20 hours during the season, as well as keep their grades up. The higher grades mean you have a better chance of playing for colleges and universities. He’s bringing a well-rounded approach to being not only a good ballplayer but also being the best that you can be in all areas of his students’ lives, so they can reach their full potential.

Jamil has been privileged to travel the globe, play professionally, and work with elite athletes, coaches, and top trainers. He brings his strong mindset and solid experience into everything he does, so he can coach his players with enthusiasm, energy, and a unique blend of his techniques to help players gain an edge.

You’ll also find him helping youth via his mentorship through NBYMP, a non-profit program that’s dedicated to helping youth under 19 both on the court and off. This program offers workshops, trainings, helps kids learn financial literacy, grow spiritual development, and understand sports psychology, along with so much more.

If you’d like to learn more about Jamil’s basketball clinics, camps, or coaching, you’ll find him at Jamil Abiad NL Fitness. If you’d like to learn more about his basketball team, Team Believe, find more information here.