Jadell Lee recognized it is important to discover what you desire to see for your life and strive to be bold in pursuing your goals. Over time, Jadell learned pursuing goals requires courage and confidence to discover and pursue desires, and as you work toward your goals, you may also discover areas of lack and growth opportunities. These opportunities can develop you into your authentic selves. 

For instance, when Jadell Lee was 19, during his second year of college, he was lost and was trying to discover himself in someone else—a woman. He moved in with her, enjoying every moment, and yet, he was still lost. So when the woman decided “this” wasn’t working for her anymore and kicked him out, he was too caught up in his feelings to call anyone for help, so he found himself sleeping in a park, sharing a can of beans with a homeless man. 

Despite his current predicament, Jadell was still determined to finish college. He was convinced that if he finished, all of this would be over. Yet despite graduating, Jadell found himself couch surfing, but he believed something would come from his efforts. So Jadell kept pursuing his dream, and at the time, he thought his only dream was dancing. Jadell was signed with a professional talent agency in Los Angeles and worked with incredible artists and dancers on TV show sets. However, he still found himself broke, and could never actually settle or get settled anywhere. Jadell felt as if he was coming and going, and even though he was getting what he thought he wanted, it was never enough for him.  

Still couch surfing, Jadell decided to leave LA and give himself five years to figure out what area to focus on in dance. Because he had nothing to lose—he decided to pursue everything possible within dance. 

For example, Jadell became a professional dance educator and trained dancers across the country, a touring adjudicator, a published author, a public speaker, and an entrepreneur, launching a coaching program to help both dancers and dance educators build a sustainable career. After that, Jadell realized that it is all equally important. His being caught up in relationships, finding himself homeless, and trying not to give up all helped Jadell to discover the importance of maintaining an authentically balanced lifestyle.  

In his pursuit of balance, Jadell discovered you cannot neglect a specific area of your life for another. Each area of your life reveals something about you that works together with another area. Balance is important because it helps you understand that things come in part—mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. It is learning how to balance all of who you are.  

Your mental health is connected to your emotional health. Your emotional health contributes to your job performance and every area of your life. You cannot neglect your mental or emotional health as you aspire to reach your goals. Your emotional health is just as important as your career goals. Your career goals are just as important as your spiritual health. And the key is balancing it all out so that you can become your most authentic self.  Jadell suggests that in wanting to see himself complete, he understood he must include his mind, body, and soul. Jadell advises it is important to make sure you evolve and continue to grow. So in making an impact, he had to get out of his own way. He had to raise his self-confidence—which is a part of self-care—and start believing in himself. 

In furthering his growth, Jadell believes everything that we experience contributes to who we are today. He believes our experiences, whether good or bad, are important to our future success. In using his experiences, Jadell strives to teach both his students and clients in a way, which draws out greater versions of themselves as servant leaders, skilled creatives, and storytellers. Jadell does this by creating safe, positive, and inclusive learning environments where he can work with his students and clients in helping them use their areas of “lack” as growth opportunities. 

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