Juan Sánchez is an exceptional composer, pianist, and music producer, who has taken the world by storm with his outstanding compositions just a short while ago. With his stellar music album, ‘Rebirth,’ Sanchez experienced a real reincarnation from the old life, and that is masterfully depicted in each track of the album.

Sánchez’s album ‘Rebirth’ consists of nine mindfully composed tracks that incorporate the elements of neo-classical, ambient, and new age piano music. What makes the whole album all more distinct is that each track has been recorded in different studios, with separate pianos, giving listeners a dash of each sound that each piano contributes. We conversed with the maven musician to figure out what stirred him into creating a masterpiece like ‘Rebirth.’

Juan Sánchez reveals that he has been grateful for working as an ambient music composer and sound designer, yet there was a void that kept lurking inside his soul. “I knew deep inside my soul that I needed to do something big, greater, and become a professional pianist and composer, yet, I lacked the self-esteem necessary to chase my dreams,” he says.

“What if nobody wants to listen to my track? ‘What if I receive backlash?’ “And what if people mock me for making music?’ was all I could muse. I could not believe in my own capabilities, and in the shadows of doubt, I kept my wings from spreading,” says Juan Sánchez.

However, after meeting amazing artists Max Richter and Ludovico Einaudi, Juan Sánchez realized that no one would believe in his dreams until he believes in his own self. “it was an AHA moment for me, and I discovered a true composer hidden in the piles of self-doubts deep within me, and only I could push all those piles away,” says Juan Sánchez. “I took inspiration from the two amazing artists as I loved the way they were blending classical music with electronic sounds, using the piano as the main instrument, creating exotic tracks,” he adds.

After undergoing the thorough process of self-discovery, Juan Sanchez mustered the guts to craft his first masterpiece, a hybrid neo-classical/ ambient piano composition which he christened as ‘Rebirth.’ The track, released in March 2019, ends up being loved and adored by plenteous on Spotify. “I was awestruck with such an amazing response by the audience, who were adding the track to their personal and public playlist,” says Juan Sanchez. Poignant and ethereal, Sanchez’s classic music piece speaks to the exhilaration a man finds when he steps onto the path of his legacy.

Gaining global applaud for his stellar track by bloggers and listeners alike, and people asking for more such uplifting tracks, Juan Sánchez embarked onto another journey of releasing a full-fledged album, ‘Rebirth’ in September 2019.

The album fires up with the highlighted title track, “Rebirth,” that offers a magnificent texture that has an enduring effect on the audience. Next up is “Beto,” which is so refined and gives heavenly strings that leave your senses mesmerized. Track three, “Heading to Dreamland,” has an incredibly sensitive sound that will make you dream and take you to another place. Plan to enter a serene zone with “Peaceful Places” containing a sparkling tune and calming impact.

Track five, “Beautiful Rose (Solo Piano),” is an aromatic track that is truly music to your ears. This tune is simply brimming with life where the piano genuinely is the superstar. “All of us” where it is by all accounts all meeting up pleasantly, and afterward on “Arctic Solitude,” one will hear a rich, tremendous sound like no other. “Beautiful Rose (Piano and Strings)” lives on, and this time is in full sprout with a piano and string segment. This tune is on full showcase for all to acknowledge with an overly emotional conclusion that makes it ever-lasting. Juan Sánchez gives a convincing, solid finish with “Silent Tears,” where a spattering out of sensations comes surging your direction.

Juan Sánchez reveals that the name “Rebirth’ has a deep-rooted meaning, for it signifies his reincarnation and redemption from the old, self-dubious self. “The release of ‘Rebirth’ marks the birth of my new self, and that is the reason this album and track will always remain near to my heart, no matter what,” he says.