Whether you own a small store or a big shopping mall, or you live in a large house or a cozy apartment, you’ll agree that your windows make a big impact not only on the appearance of the area but also on the mood they help to create. If you are looking for windows replacement glass service in Winnipeg, Alder Glass & Aluminum is your one-stop-shop. We are ready to assist you with any windows Winnipeg and replacement service that you may require. Need to fix a cracked window or replace a broken door glass? Contact us for your glass needs and enjoy great customer service and quality results.

Our Windows Winnipeg Services Cover Everything You Need   

From repairing small cracks to replacing entire panes, we can help you determine the best solution for your glass problem. Some applications of our windows Winnipeg services comprise:

NorthShield windows Winnipeg

Fix your home’s glass today. We can help you with glass replacement and installations. We’ll repair or reinstall the glass you need – mirrors, tabletop glass, windows, shower doors, among others.

NorthShield windows

Broken window? Let the experts from Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. take care of it. Our team of glass technicians can work around your schedule to fix all the window problems.

Commercial storefronts

Your storefront glass windows and doors are typically the first impression customers have of your business before entering the store. Our repair services and glass maintenance program are a perfect option for all commercial applications.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are offered in a very wide range of colors and finishes, foliated or lacquered. However, as a metal, aluminum is a good conductor of energy, so its insulation properties and energy efficiency are lower than those of other materials. In addition, this fact is coupled with the need to screw the corners because it is impossible to weld them hermetically, with the consequent entry of air and noise. To counteract this, today high-end aluminum windows are designed with a Thermal Bridge Break: a plastic gap that is placed in the central area of ​​the profiles to reduce the entry of cold and loss of color. Another of its strengths is the wide range of profiles and accessory accessories and the ease of working, although at the cost of a more expensive price. And finally, aluminum is a very light and resistant metal but it has a tendency to generate condensation and scratch, being exposed to oxidation and corrosion. PVC windows More than 30 years ago it began to take its first steps in Europe for its greater insulation and efficiency properties. PVC, a resin made up of 57% common salt, was the last material to be added to this list. Today, it is the present and the future of windows.

Get Custom-Cut Replacement Glass That Best Fits Your Need

Alder Glass & Aluminum’s glass replacement service in Winnipeg can restore the broken pieces of your glass shelves. The trained glass specialists can custom-cut glass of all sizes and shapes. We also provide glass shelving options to fit your cabinet requirements. Whether you’re looking for replacement glass tabletops, replacement glass for patio table, coffee table glass replacement, or any other type of replacement, you can find the right piece in the right size at the right price at our store.

Premium NorthShield Windows Winnipeg Services in Winnipeg

From repair to replacement, Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. has everything you need for your home. We strive to achieve the quality of work, cleanliness of work, safety, product knowledge, honesty and work ethic through our NorthShield windows Winnipeg services. Browse through our NorthShield services page to know more about us Our customers expect what we have always provided – the very highest standard of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.