“Invest one hour in gym everyday to keep the doctor away forever.” ― Professor M.S. Rao, International Fitness Expert

I am basically a fitness freak and go to gym everyday to keep myself physically fit and active. I was passionate about serving my nation in my teenage and I started doing exercises when I was 16 years old with a dream to join Indian Air Force (IAF). In those days, I was short (less than 5 feet) with lean built body (underweight). I had severe asthma in my childhood. I gradually built my stamina and came to an average height and weight with my determination and dedication. I joined Indian Air Force when I was in teenage and started doing exercises regularly apart from acquiring regular military training. I ate nutritious food and associated with healthy people with a positive attitude. I am grateful to Indian Air Force for converting me from a boy into a man, and as a leader. In fact, my passion toward leadership grew when I was in IAF. I was born in a poor family without much of regular education due to financial difficulties. I was undergraduate when I joined IAF. However, I studied very hard everyday in the night and acquired several qualifications including DME, BSc, MA, PGDCLL, PGDBM and MBA while in service. After leaving IAF, I earned my PhD in 2011 in Soft Skills and became a professor with a vision to shape students as global leaders. I have authored 40 books and published 250 research papers and articles in international journals and magazines. Throughout my life, I never neglected to go to gym or a walk. Despite frequent disturbances and distractions in life, I continued the practice of going to gym. I survived several challenges in my life due to my physical fitness. My health supported me to overcome my financial and other challenges. In spite of financial difficulties, I invested a little money to go to gym regularly. That is how I maintained my track record with a great health. I was unemployed frequently for long periods of more than two years with tons of financial challenges. But I invested a portion of money to go to gym. It reflects my passion toward fitness and health.

For the last six years, I began going to gym every day for an hour and walk for an hour. That means I invested two hours on an average per day exclusively for my physical fitness and health. That is why my energy levels are high in spite of crossing 54 years of age. For me, age is just a number. Being a professor, I must set an example for students, parents and citizens. Hence, I strictly go to gym to keep my energy and enthusiasm intact.

In gym, whatever the coach instructs I follow. My coaches are much younger but I respect their knowledge and expertise because everyone is strong in their areas. This attitude of mine is appreciated by many young fitness coaches who go out of their way to coach me in the gym. I also contribute my best by identifying positive traits in people, elevate and enlighten them to dream and achieve big. It made the ambience of gym warm and friendly. In gym, I observe people and identify a specific strength and highlight to inspire them. Most people don’t recognize that they are gems. Unfortunately, they search for stones elsewhere by ignoring the gems hidden within them. Only a gemmologist knows the value of a gem. Hence, I identify gems and inspire them regularly like a gemmologist.

Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit

Every day I exercise for a particular part of my body giving rest to the remaining portions to recover. In this way, I train my entire body throughout the week.

Here are some tips to keep you fit and healthy. Prefer walking. Use stairs instead of elevator. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. Follow diet carefully. Stay away from gadgets before you go to bed. Avoid using social media excessively. Avoid stress and burnout. Ensure work-life balance. Be romantic and have sex regularly. Invest a fixed amount of time every day for gym. Don’t underdo or overdo. Do it regularly. Be serious and committed. Avoid doing the same set of exercises for a week continuously. Consult your fitness coach and change your list of exercises everyday to have impact and improvement on your entire body.


If you live in a place far away from gym, you can do a few exercises at home by viewing videos online. However, it is advisable to consult doctor before doing any exercises to avoid adverse effects on your body. It is also advisable to have a personal trainer. It is rightly remarked that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Similarly, one hour in gym a day keeps the doctor away forever. You can avoid medical expenses and sufferings arising due to illness. Currently, people live longer due to availability of better healthcare facilities globally. Hence, it is essential for everyone to go to gym, consult the coach and do exercises regularly. For almost four decades, fitness has been an integral part of my life. As I eat and sleep, I do workout regularly. To conclude, make fitness your lifetime commitment and ensure that it becomes an integral part of your life to keep fit and healthy forever.