Profound nature connection happened with four easy steps

I’ve noticed I can go for a walk one day feel amazing, inspired and free yet other days I return still stressed and worried my friend shared while sipping her coffee. 

Happened to me last week walking up the mountain.

Gasping for breath I stepped aside letting someone whiz up the path. Acutely aware my post lockdown body is slightly heavier and less fit than before, I looked around. Beautiful bush and birdsong enveloped me. How in my puffed climbing state had I missed it? 

Einstein said to look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.

Words of wisdom from a nature based training at a local park gently came to mind.  We were asked to really connect and notice ways the bush impacts on all aspects of life.

With the intention of complete presence I walked toward a stand of trees.  Shifting my awareness from the joy of children playing in fallen leaves I felt a difference on my skin. Almost as if the atmosphere was changing.

It was as if I was entering a parallel version of the path I’d wandered for years. I could feel and sense energy shifting from plant to plant in a variety of hues and vibrations, all wrapped in an essence of peace and Love. 

My body seemed to absorb information in a different way, my skin and heart in particular. As if a magical world that exists all the time was opening up to me.  As I walked through different trees the energy changed and I paused to change mine. I could sense the plants “reading me” and choosing what to share.  

Then two people ran past me. I was stunned as I “saw” them encased in a big bubble filled with the chatter of their conversation and the problems they shared.  Caught up in their “stuff” they didn’t see me or sense the trees stretching towards them offering Love, healing, and information.