One thing is sure in life; that progress is impossible without change. But no matter what you do, nothing remains the same forever. To move beyond where you are, it requires getting out of your comfort zone. And growth is what is called the motion you make in a chosen or required direction.

Would you allow your mind and your beliefs to change and grow as new facts are revealed? Or would you resist transformation and maintain a closed mindset? How can you cultivate a more open outlook and receive change in your world? And just how can you apply it in your life?

In my life, I often heard that the reason many of us resist change is that we are afraid of losing something. The reasons are plenty. It may be the fear of losing the familiar, fear of losing control, or merely the distress of losing someone and find ourselves alone.

On the other hand, when moving beyond where you are, you might see new possibilities or things you have to gain. You have to realize that change is a constant. Rather than running away from it, you should entirely and intentionally embrace it because you might live a more satisfying and full life.

But it requires you to be willing to change your mind and belief system. We are only human, and we do make mistakes. When you are unwilling to change your mindset, you stagnate. Remember that your brain is a muscle and it also has to be exercised.

Being Stubborn Blocks Change

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

You have to examine the facts. The reason is that you have no choice than changing your opinions when evidence or proofs no longer support your thoughts or belief system. Stay away from being obstinate in your ways. It will swallow you up or anything else that does not evolve, grow, change, progress and transform. So accept that things do change!

All of us are guilty of being stubborn or have a fixed mind at times. And yes, it takes a lot of courage, strength and self-discipline to admit that you are wrong or allow progress to happen. But what is life without a change of heart or a change of mind?

Considering Possibilities is Key to Change
Centuries ago, people believed in a flat Earth, and that the horizon was the end of the world, but with time and evidence, they eventually changed their minds. The old ideas and beliefs finally died out. Today, everyone recognizes the roundness of our planet and the Sun which is at the center of our Solar System, as well as the galaxy we live in, the ‘Milky Way.’

From the dawn of time, we have believed all sorts of things. But change along with progress and scientists have worked in transforming many of our misconceptions. So, we may have to consider that changes and getting out of our comfort zone are needed to grow and have a better life.

For ages, many thought that flying could happen while others believed it was impossible or insane. Eventually, in 1903, civilization went from successfully flying the first operated airplane to walking on the moon in 1969. All of it happening in the short span of sixty-six years.

Progress is Impossible without Change
So, you see that nothing is impossible as long as your dreams still glide in your head. A creative spirit is vital for you to change, grow and progress. Never stop dreaming since the opportunities are endless. But if you refuse to change your mindset, your beliefs, or your routine, you will never be able to move forward beyond your false impressions.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Change is the natural order of the Universe. Many of us are unmotivated and lost. Many young people have no idea what to do when arriving at the end of their teenage years and getting into adulthood. Stop strolling through life trying to be someone else. Be unique. Find and live your true identity. Take action to change and grow rather than letting the world tell you who you are.

Grasp Change with Both Hands
Again, you have to grasp change. Do not let doubt, fear or failure command the course you want to travel on the roadmap of your life. Take some risks instead of playing it safe. And you may be surprised by what you might acquire once leaving your comfort zone. You might experience all that life has to offer you.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to make a change, grow and progress in your life if you refuse to let go of misconceptions? It is like when someone believes they are overweight and no one can love them. How could they accept somebody that express care for them?

If something is not working, you have to change your mindset. Many of us know things which are not true. Yet we defend them because we accept them as real. It is easy to be influenced by the doubts or unbelief of a relative or friend. They can even push you to think that your ideas are impossible.

But have you ever considered the possibility that they might be wrong?

Change and Growth – A Mark of Success
You need to be in the driver’s seat when you seek change, growth, progress or anything else in life. Otherwise, you are going to accept an average belief system and never move beyond what could be.

You have to stand up for yourself, but also willing to change and get out of your area of comfort; otherwise, you are not going to accomplish anything you desire.

Change and growth are a mark of success. It does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one next time. Accept failure as a part of success also. When you fail, you learn from your mistakes, and you can then identify what you did and not repeat them.

Basically, you should not fear to make a change to grow and develop but rather be afraid of stagnating and not learning anything new.

Accept Change
You must realize that things change and never remain as it is. What you may not be willing to accept or consider is that you have to change as well. But you should! Try to recognize which changes will lead you to progress or growth. Become aware of the facts so that you can change for the better.

Let go of the shame and embrace the change you have to make because progress is impossible without it. Changes will be what create the person you want to be. So, you can contribute to the world rather than expecting the world to provide for you. I wish you a great transformation!

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