If you are like me, the attention to details can cause you to not immediately go after your dreams.  While researching on this topic, what makes individuals successful at achieving their goals always is about getting started.  Yes, I could make this an in depth and article but let’s get some stuff done.  

Here are some simple quick tips to get you stated now to move toward your goals and dreams.

1. Set up 15-30 minutes to brainstorm your dreams to complete the following.

2. Free write for 5-10 minutes your goals and dreams no matter that you can come up.

3. From the free writing above, take 1-2 minutes to pick one to start.  

4. The one item you have selected, what is the first step of starting this goal?  Don’t overthink it.  Start with that one step right now.  Do not wait until later.

5. Enjoy the process and learn from the experience.