Michael E Weintraub Esq

Statistics and data reveal that cases of depression and anxiety are on the increase in recent times. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is to get blamed for this scenario.  It has resulted in a negative impact on health and interpersonal relationship. Reports of international authorities revealed that around 65% of individuals are enduring depression and anxiety symptoms. Living with these stressful conditions is not easy. However, developing a positive attitude towards life is vital. It will help you to deal with the problem and emerge victoriously. The pandemic has resulted in mental stress and anxiety among millions of individuals.

Studies suggest that you have to take care of your balanced diet and physical exercise to keep the mind active. A little bit of exercise helps in releasing chemicals that improve mood. You can continue with your pre-pandemic physical exercise routines if you are comfortable with them. Apart from this, developing healthy lifestyle habits and eating choices will profoundly impact your personality.

Managing Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19- As Suggested by Michael E Weintraub Esq

Despite the stressful condition, you have to manage your physical and cognitive health during the pandemic. Although it sounds overwhelming, it is not impossible. For this, you have to take the following steps:

  • Take care of your sleep:You have to prioritize your sleep and work on a schedule. If you feel that your depression and anxiety affect sleep, try to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine intake. It will relax your nerves and help you fall asleep.
  • Work on a routine:You must have a schedule illustrating your regular activities. Sticking to the program is vital. It must have all information related to your exercise time, meal times, sleep time, and the like. Studies revealed that individuals who follow a schedule have less stressful and traumatic times.
  • Practice mindfulness: You must develop a positive outlook towards life and observe the good things around you. It not only gives a boost to positive hormones like dopamine and serotonin but helps you develop a positive relationship with others. When you practice meditation, it enables you to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression. You can start practicing by taking the help of the digital platform or your friends and family members. According to Michael E Weintraub Esq, these are distinct promising ways of giving a boost to your mental cognition and emotional balance.
  • Social support: Social distancing norms require individuals to stay at home all the time. However, you can get social support with the help of a digital platform. You can stay connected with your near and dear ones through different social media platforms and thereby develop peer-to-peer support.

It is significant that you go for contactless delivery and connect with individuals virtually. If you cannot afford medication or treatment, you can go for free digital courses, which are available these days. Try to get in touch with your friends and family members so that you can speak about your feelings and thereby gain support.