A few years back my niece was exercising her creative side by painting rocks with beautiful designs and leaving them in different places for people to find. I loved the idea immediately.

It is a wonderful way to connect gestures of kindness with a feeling of accomplishment for people of all ages. In addition, purposefully bringing joy to others in an anonymous way, serves as a reminder that there is great beauty in spreading positivity without expecting anything in return.

Inspired by the integrity of this project, and its goal of spreading smiles, I brought rocks to paint with my grandchildren on vacation. We followed the example of my niece and scattered them for people to find, hoping to brighten their day. We referred to them as Kindness Rocks even before we knew the origin because, in fact, there could be no better name. 

When traveling cross-country with my daughter and her family I thought it might be fun to decorate kindness rocks with my granddaughter and leave them at the various campsites. Additionally, it’s a way to give fresh air walks a sense of purpose that will keep your little ones eager and engaged, especially in the midst of physical distancing. 

The origin of the Kindness Rocks project came from a woman seeking messages of positivity out in the world and recognizing that tendency as something that unites us all. In an effort to make someone’s day through a simple act of kindness, this huge and lasting movement quickly took shape around her. 

It’s a simple activity, suitable for toddlers to seniors in any setting. It promotes positivity and human connection within our communities that is desperately needed during this challenging time. Rocks, acrylic paints or paint pens and your imagination are all you need to spread joy and kindness wherever you go!

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