When we talk about social network platforms, we see more and more people using these mediums nowadays. Undeniably, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, allowing people to join groups and communicate with people who share the same interests. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are some of the social media platforms that have become important additions into our lives.

Facebook has greatly influenced the millennials. However, modern teens use Instagram, and Snapchat and YouTube more than ever. This indicates they are not using a single platform. In order to take advantage of this growing social media world, brands and companies have invested heavily in social networking. According to a report, 70% of teenagers will certainly buy a product after seeing it on Facebook or Instagram.

Pros and Cons of Social Media


  • Opportunity to meet and communicate with new people;
  • Communicate in specialized groups dedicated to some activity;
  • Keep up with online trends and news;
  • A good platform for introverts to express themselves and become confident;
  • It helps in promoting personal interests such as writing, blogging and vlogs;
  • Increase the recognition of the company and attract new members to the community, but also provide traffic to the site and significantly increase sales.


The main disadvantages of using social networks include:

  • Too difficult to resist as someone is always sharing some entertaining or superficial content to watch;
  • Among virtual friends there may be scammers and trolls because you don’t know who you are talking to on the other side of the screen;
  • Correspondence is not at all the same as living communication, so communication skills suffer.

However, the wider use of social networks by adolescents creates a mixed and polarized view. Let us now compare the pros and cons of social media for youngsters.

Pros and cons of social media for young generation


  • Staying up to date with the latest news and information;
  • It helps students in doing research related to their subjects online;
  • Easy way to communicate with friends and family all day;
  • It helps students in self-studying in various fields of subjects;
  • Have a pleasant time by meeting new people, playing entertaining games, finding interesting information, and much more;


  • Excessive use of social media can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem;
  • Can distract students from education and result in lack of interest in studies;
  • There is no guarantee that the person you meet online is real or not;
  • Teenagers feel stressed and pressurized to feel accepted;
  • Can possibly build phobias among young generation;
  • Can encourage people to harass people online;
  • Higher chances of frauds and criminal cases;

Pros and cons of social media for Gen Z

Social media platforms are great influencers for young generation Z. According to the survey conducted by essay writing team of British Essay Writers Empire on pros and cons of social media for Gen Z, following results were obtained. About 40% purchased a product after seeing an advertisement on Facebook, 25% on Instagram, and 30% on YouTube. Below mentioned are some more pros and cons of social media for generation Z.


  • Generation Z uses social media to find jobs and employment prospects;
  • It helps the generation in interacting with new brands;
  • They can make better decisions than millennials and baby boomers;
  • Encourages them to learn new skills and techniques;
  • Social media encourages Generation Z to do multiple tasks at one time;


  • Too much pressure to get attention;
  • Generation Z are likely to face issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression;
  • Chances of frauds and hacking;
  • Exposure to inappropriate content;
  • Extreme use can lead to health problems;
  • Risk of cyberbullying and harassment;
  • Privacy issues;
  • Getting addicted to social media and cellphones;

To sum up

Social networking platforms can be called both a convenient “working” platform for promoting yourself and your brand, and “a paradise for procrastinators,” because time flies by scrolling through the news feed. Most of the companies that are interested in developing the site use social media promotion because several million people communicate and shop here. But for an individual person, the habit of checking the smartphone constantly can lead to subsidence of success in other areas of life. For the Gen Z students, they often find themselves stuck and look for someone to write my essay because they are too busy exploring newsfeed on social media.

While there are many pros and cons of social media, do not forget: social networks offer new opportunities and acquaintances, but you should not spend all your free time viewing the feed.