Pros of Technology

1. Saves time

The most important advantage of technology is that it saves time. As we are ready to complete a task in a lesser time, we will utilize the time saved for other important activities. With the assistance of technology tons of activities like cooking, cleaning, working, commuting are accomplished faster.

2. Better communication

In earlier times, communicating with an individual belonging to a special part of the planet was difficult. Believe it! Remember to the time when people had to speak using pigeons or letters, something that took days or weeks! However today the planet has come closer and one can easily connect with an individual sitting in another corner of the planet, all because of technology

3. Easily spend our time:

Due to technology we can easily pass our time. Everything we can get within a short time. We can watch thousands of movies through internet, playing games such as clash of clans, visit any journal, any website important article everything we can get quickly.

4.  Developed better learning methods due to technology

Software, gadgets, and even pencils are all technology options that make it easier to find out new skills. It’s possible to integrate numerous tools into the fashionable classroom to facilitate the training process. Even a calculator may be a tool that wasn’t available that way back. We’ve more information available to us with what we concede to be simple tech items than previous generations need to experience during most of their lives.

5. Improves efficiency for Business

One of the important advantage of any technology is that it increases the efficiency of a business process.

In a less time We can do more tasks . From shared drives to emails, communication, coordination, execution, and implementation of tons of business processes has become swift and hassle-free, all because of technology.

6. We will communicate more efficiently due to technology.

As the technological revolution progressed around the world, there was a requirement to develop better communication resources in order that companies, families, and governments could communicate with each other everywhere the planet. That led to the invention of the telegraph, which led to the landline telephone, to the telephone, the satellite phone, and now our data-based connections over fiber optics too.

In but a century, we’ve gone from letters being the foremost common means of communication to email and instant messaging. Through social media we can share digital images in a few seconds. Videos are shareable now too. These benefits all happened due to the ways in which we’ve embraced technology over the years.

7. More Job Opportunities

The development of technology has created an enormous number of latest jobs within the market. During this techno-friendly age, a replacement group of employers is required to figure efficiently which will maintain and develop the new technology in homes and businesses.

Cons of Technology:

1. Reduce Jobs

With technology, the efficiency of a task has increased tenfold and this is often the rationale why the technology could be ready to replace humans soon. A rise in technology goes to make sure that tasks that humans could do earlier can now be achieved by machines and technology. Thus, creating a shortage of jobs.

Nowadays even organizations prefer technology that’s capable of doing tasks more efficiently than humans. Thus, with the increase of technology humans are often replaced by algorithms and robots.

2. It creates dependencies:

The evolution of technology in our world today has created a dependence on our devices, tools, and processes. There’s not a requirement to think or recall information because everything is instantly available to us during a giant database. Even a little tool, sort of a calculator, reduces the necessity to perform mental calculations or skills to try to mathematics because you’ll solve equations by punching them into the device.

Because these dependencies create a decline in human capital, there is often a better risk of unemployment that happens in some industries. We will even use some device to exchange humans altogether, sort of a self-service touch screen at a restaurant.

3. Technology reduces human effort.

There is a phrase someone says, “We got to work smarter, not harder.” Most technological discoveries work to scale back the quantity of effort that we’d like to use to make a result. The implication here is simple: machines can do the work for us. When there’s less work for people to try to, then it means humanity is slowly making itself obsolete. Automated processes make jobs redundant, therefore the new employment fields are going to be in programming, coding, and similar support services.

4. Privacy problem

When we use technology in our lifestyle, privacy may be a big issue. It’s vital that private information and data be safe. Different apps and tools ensure privacy measures but are they enough to be safe from potential privacy risks.

In the end, we will say that technology has its advantages and drawbacks. It’s up to the users to make a decision whether the great overshadows the bad. The foremost important thing is how we will get better technology.

5. It creates health problems

Many sorts of technology, from computers to televisions to automobiles, cause people to take a seat for the majority of their day. This constant sitting might be even as dangerous to a person’s health as smoking might be. Consistently using technology can cause hand, wrist, and forearm pain, cause social isolation, and should even be a contributing factor to the formation of depression-like symptoms.

6. It creates a Social Divide

Implementing technology is dear in some ways, and be up-to-date with the newest technology is impossible for everybody. This will cause a serious social divide among the people that are able and unable to afford these technologies.