The whole world faced a major setback after the break out of the novel coronavirus. People also went through a very uneasy mental phase with lockdowns, precautionary measures, and changed lives. On the other hand, some people found a little peace after the lockdown as they got a break from their fast-running hectic lifestyle. Therefore, it was a proper mixture of chaos and peace, as whenever a pandemic happens, it is never only about the disease. However, several studies by psychology experts suggested that people got stress, anxiety, xenophobia, and severe stigma during the lockdown. Let’s move further and understand the whole scenario in detail.

The way young adults and kids saw it

The situation that has happened in the past couple of years has left mature and adult people clueless. So, it is obvious that young adults and kids had many questions with no precise answers and just probabilities. Mental health issues got more ignored by the parents amidst safety precautions from the pandemic itself, and these things lead children to-

  • Crying more and getting annoyed easily
  • Being sad, worried, and depressed
  • Facing problem in paying attention and concentrate
  • Suffer unexpected body pain and headaches

Along with these things, some other symptoms like changes in eating habits and fun activities were also visible among children facing mental health issues. To help in such a condition, parents must remain calm and composed, and they must spend time with the kids and try to answer their questions optimistically. With COVID-19 pandemic creating a pool of jobless individuals, the mental state of individuals is degrading exponentially. However, Josh Gibson MD Scholarship comes in like a breath of fresh air providing monetary benefits to the deserved students.

Elders suffered a lot

COVID-19 was more problematic for the physical as well as mental health of elders. With the surge of spread stigma, financial stress, responsibility, and weaker immune system there was a lot to worry about.  Precautionary measures like physical distancing and isolation are essential. Elderly people had to depend a lot on others for their needs.

The real superheroes our health workers

Some health workers tried their level best to cheer the patients in isolation. All the medical staff, including nurses, paramedics, and doctors, were the frontline warriors in this pandemic battle. However, the long working hours and watching people die made them a little paranoid as well. Therefore, it’sa good decision that health professionals must take short breaks and relax a little during their long shifts. This relaxation period will help them keep calm and focus better, giving them chances of getting better health.

Family members must not ignore the effect of a pandemic on the mental health of individuals. It is important to contact family and friends, do not break social distancing rules but having a conversation on the phone or facetime is a good option. These things might help an individual to get a better mental state.