Each of us is born with unique gifts and talents that we brought to this world to help us achieve our purpose.  Most of us rarely find out what gifts and talents we have never mind utilize them to build an amazing life and live our purpose.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have circumstances show us, if we are paying attention, what we are really good at and run with those talents.  Others are born with a burning desire to utilize those talents and spend all their time trying to create the life they want utilizing their unique talents.  Which one are you?  If you are like me, taking me more than ½ a lifetime to figure out my gifts, you may or may not have been paying attention.  However, once you discover what is the best of you, there is no turning back!

As an empowerment coach, I always use this exercise to help those I am working with to discover these gifts.  If you want to discover the best of you, I invite you to participate:

Answer the questions below and then follow the instructions:

  1. What do you really like to do?
    1. Are you good at it?
    1. How do you know if you are good or not good at this?
  2. What are you good at, but don’t necessarily feel comfortable with?
    1. Why don’t you feel comfortable doing this?
  3. When you write down your gifts, how does this feel?
    1. Is there great joy?  Or is there anxiety? If there is anxiety, why?

Now make a list of all these things you like about yourself.  Some of you may find this difficult to do, if you are not used to recognizing your gifts.  Therefore, you may need a loved one to help you with this.  You can ask them what they feel your gifts are.  Make a long list.  As you go through this list of gifts, say them out loud to yourself.  What feeling do you feel when you say, “My gift is_____” If it feels uncomfortable, we have some work to do!  You are not utilizing the best of you.

When you use the gifts of you to serve both YOURSELF and the world, is when you will find your greatest rewards!  I have worked with others who have no problem saying they are good at serving others with their gifts, but when it comes down to serving themselves, they don’t. 

Let’s take an example; let’s say you are a good listener and are great at being a good friend.  Of course, we can see how that serves your friend, but how does it serve you?  If you feel it serves you because you are helping others, that’s great, but what do YOU get out of it.  To feel good, because you have helped someone?  That’s fine for a while, but what about when you need the same friendship?  The same listening?  Is it always there?  Sharing love is about give and take, not just give.  If you don’t listen to yourself, and are always listening to others, you will drain yourself and there will be nothing left.  Remember to listen to you…. take quiet time to just be with you instead of always giving to others.

On the other side of that gift, is also the danger of sharing your gift so you can feel good about yourself.  In other words, you get your validation from helping others.  The danger in that is you are not enough if you are not helping someone.  I can guarantee you that you are more than enough whether you are listening and helping someone or not. 

Now take that list and go through it with this new mindful thought; that this gift is for you as well as for others.  Does each gift feel different? Ask yourself: how can I use that gift to serve me?

Now you can really own and celebrate the gifts that are you instead of using them to validate who you are.

You can also use your gifts to earn your living.  That is the best way to share your gift with you; earn money from sharing your gift. 

If you are not currently earning your living doing what you really love, this is a great way to explore, how you can change this.  What a great way to share your gift with you!

When you are sharing your gifts, and earning your living doing so, you have a much higher level of positive energy that will bring all good things to you.

What do you think?  How can you make money with your gifts; the ultimate gift back to yourself!