Your home is a place of solace that you yearn for at the end of each workweek. It’s a place that holds special memories and is a comfort zone for your children. In your later years, you plan to sell it and use the money as a way to supplement your retirement. However, there’s a lot of regular maintenance that goes into the preservation of your property. Without annual maintenance, you may end up missing wealth in your golden years. Thankfully, it’s not too late to get your home in good shape. 

Pipes Matter 

You enjoy turning on the faucet or shower and having access to free-flowing water in massive quantities. It wasn’t too long ago where running water in a home was considered a luxury. Today, you take it for granted. Unfortunately, plumbing pipes are often overlooked during annual maintenance projects. Just one pipe burst can cause extensive damage to the tune of thousands of dollars. Even if you have homeowner’s insurance, in many cases, if the plumbing is old, they won’t cover the cost. It’s important to add “get quotes from the plumbers in my area for annual maintenance requirements” to your fall/winter checklist 

Clearing Away Debris 

Spring and fall cleanups should include cleaning up the yard, trimming back tree limbs, bushes, and weeds, and removing debris. A cleared yard isn’t about being attractive, although it’s one of the benefits. It’s about keeping yourself and your property safe from harm. Tall grass and high weeds can give unwanted pests a protective cover and a source of reaching you or your home. This is especially true when it comes to spiders, rodents, and ticks. Ticks hang onto the top of tall blades of grass and when you, a child, or your family pet walk by, they climb aboard your clothing. Tree limbs that hang over your roof can also present a problem during inclement weather. Heavy snow can weigh branches down onto your roof. As a result, the integrity of the roof can become compromised.   

The Umbrella 

If you think about it, your roof functions much like an umbrella. It provides you and your loved ones with a protective cover from the elements. If damaged, your sanctuary is no longer liveable. Contacting a licensed roofing company every couple of years and having a professional out to do an inspection will help you to avoid a serious and costly situation. The inspections do cost a few hundred dollars. However, inspections often identify small, minor problems that you can fix for short-term money. 

Replacing Older Doors/Windows 

Older doors and windows not only cost you more in heating and cooling costs, but they also reduce your level of comfort. They create drafts during the cold weather months and allow the hot air to enter during the dog days of summer. In addition, they can also cause damage to interior walls from constant exposure to moisture. Replacing them, even if over time, will allow you to remain comfortable and increase the value of your home. 

Pest Control 

Bugs and rodents can wreak havoc on your home’s structure, often without notice. For example, termites come by the thousands and they chew through wood. Unfortunately, in many cases, homeowners don’t know they have them until they break through something like the ceiling. By then, the damage is extensive. Having an annual inspection performed by a pest control company can prevent this from happening. 

Cleaning the Chimney 

You love your fireplace. When the temperature outside drops, you simply place a few logs in it and enjoy the warmth. With regular use during the winter months, creosote and soot can build-up and reduce its efficiency. In addition, leaving a chimney blocked can lead to a fire. An annual sweep of the chimney by a licensed professional will keep your fireplace clean

Your home is an investment for your retirement. With regular maintenance, you stand a better chance of selling it for a profit.