As we celebrate the fourth of July here in America, the American Independence Day, we can see people who go all out for this day and those that, well frankly don’t celebrate it at all. No matter where you stand on celebrating this day, one thing is certain, each of us have things that we have accomplished or overcome that we are proud of.

What are you proud of?

Independence Day is a day celebrating the pride of living in a country where we have many freedoms available to us. The beauty of life is that each of us is unique in how we live, learn, love, and lead.

Living Free

Having the ability to live free means that we are free to make our own choices in life. Consider which life choices you have mad e that you are most proud of. If there are people in your circles who know your proudest accomplishments in life, then you are truly living the ‘American dream’ of creating your own lifestyle. That is the goal, to create and live the life you want. Be proud of where you are today even if it is not exactly where you want to be. Too many people often don’t act on their dreams. This one simple step of movement makes all the difference.

Learning For

When it comes to learning, the world is literally at our fingertips. Whether it is classic academia in a college setting, hiring a coach, taking personal development courses, reading books, or simply searching the internet, every single one of us can learn, and learn well. What have you learned in the past 24 months that you are proud of? Implementing what you learn and applying it to daily life opens door and builds relationships. Learning allows for us to expand our minds and even though we may have certain specific views or beliefs, learning breaks down the barriers which allow understanding to come.

Loving Fiercely

This one is my favorite, because love is an expression of our vulnerability and ability to show ourselves are real, authentic people. Loving, whether people, places, or things is a choice that is 100% ours. No one can take it from us, no one can keep us from loving, and we have complete control over how we love. When we love with fierce passion, either in the romantic sense or plutonic sense, we are saying here I am. In other words, loving something demands that we show up. Presence is a gift. Poner what your greatest loving accomplishment is. 

Leading Forward

When it comes to leading, our past is the best friend we have. If we have led well, we should continue to implement whatever strategies make things work. If we haven’t then we possess the ability to learn so that we can lead better. Forward leading is just that, it is leadership that drives a mission forward towards its goals. Hitting goals is accomplishing a ‘thing.’ Do you have goals that you have accomplished? When we accomplish anything, we cannot help but to have some pride in finishing it. The more we accomplish the more opportunity we have to lead thus, the better we become.

In fact, the better we lead, the better we love. The more we love, the more we want to learn and ultimately, the more we learn, the more freedom we have.

Here’s to freedom. Be proud for what you have done, where you are, who you are, and where you are going.