I have been an Amazon affiliate for a long time. I review their products on my blog, drive traffic to the site and I am able to earn commissions for every sale made. We can all agree on one thing, Amazon has crazy costumer conversion levels. Customers on the platform may go there to buy one product but they end up buying an excess of 5 products at a go.However, the commission amounts are far from pleasing. Currently, am making about $300-$400 in commission after selling over $10000 worth of products. The affiliate cookie also expires within 24 hours so when I direct a potential customer to the platform but they end up buying the product on the 25th hour of clicking on my affiliate link, then I will not get any commission. This is not very nice you will agree with me.

This has really got me thinking. Amazon commissions are nothing but peanuts and if I am to earn highly I need to start selling products on the ecommerce giants myself as opposed to reviewing products by other sellers. And it is not like selling on the platform is hard. No, all that I need to do is order products from China at a very small amount per unit, add a logo and brand name on them and then go ahead to submit them to amazon warehouses and then have them sold. All the revenue minus a small service charge will come back to me.

So how do I pick the products

So I told my husband about the whole business thing. He is one man who has stood with me throughout my online hustles and so he is the one person that I always talk to when I want to make a life changing decision. And he was very supportive. He told me to go for it because he trusts my intuition. And so I went for it. However, my first trial was a flop. I took up a product that I thought people would buy but nobody showed any interest in it though I had given it a very competitive pricing scheme.

Enter Amazon Proven Course and things start looking up

I however did not give up since I was sure that one day, I would stop relying on affiliate income and get good revenue from selling my own products. Fortunately, I bumped on this Proven Amazon Course that helps you with getting the right products that will sell awesomely. The course teaches you on how to get them at very low prices, you brand them and then deliver to Amazon warehouses and wait for money to start trickling in.

Success so far

Any webpreneur would like to have proof of income before they delve into any online ventures. So I feel that I need to talk about it. Though there is no Lamborghini in my garage, the business is doing awesomely and currently am hitting five figure salaries which was a tall order when I was just an Amazon affiliate.

About the Course

The Proven Amazon Course will surely catapult you to financial greatness where you will no longer be content with the meagre income that you were getting from the affiliate income. It will put you in another level as it has done for me. The author Jim Cockrum is a renowened webpreneur and a good seller on Amazon so whatever he discusses in the course is actionable.