This summer, Gerard Adams, Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Fownders, in collaboration with ABF Creative, a media/news company, teamed up with The GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, located in the downtown district of Newark, NJ, to present a live special edition of Adams Leaders Create Leaders series. This four-part podcast series, Prudential Presents Leaders Create Leaders, included interviews and features with world-class thought leaders and influencers as well as local heroes from all walks of life who answered the hard questions about what it took to set themselves up for success and how to win financially. 

Speakers talked about the advice they got growing up about learning how to save, the lessons they had to learn the hard way and how growing up less fortunate affected their saving and spending habits. They also gave advice about creating your own future and touched upon the level of bravery necessary to take the first step towards leveling up and changing your life.

Weekly Series topics included: 

1) Motivation: Using Your Story To Impact the World

Keynote speakers: Brittany Jade, Founder/Director of the Newark Radio Co-op and Yahya Bakkar, Author and Motivational Speaker

2) Entrepreneurship: How to Build a Business That Matters

Keynote speakers: John Henry, Founder, Cofound Harlem and Partner, Harlem Capital Partners and Andaiye Taylor, Founder and Editor of

3) Creativity: Learn the Business of Creativity

Keynote speakers: Lawrence Atoigue, aka Naturel, Contemporary Artist and Naseed Gifted, Founder of P.B. Soldier Comics

4) Wellness: Hacking Your Mind and Body for Success

Keynote speakers: Haile Thomas, Influencer, International Speaker & Health Activist and Lauren Craig, Author, On-Air Personality & Founder of EWR Brand Water

Gerard Adams, widely known as the “Millennial Mentor” is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. He was the founder of Elite Daily, the millennial content platform that reached up to 80 million readers worldwide and was sold to the Daily Mail for $50 million. His current endeavor,, is a learning platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, built for those looking to develop the hard skills and soft skills needed to align their purpose towards a prosperous career and lifestyle. Gerard also currently runs a 90-day coaching program, helping world-class leaders, consultants, influencers, and speakers monetize their experiences, amplify their message, and position their personal brand. Reflecting on the Prudential Presents Leaders Create Leaders series, “I have always dreamed of working with Prudential in honor of my father’s sacrifice and hard work over the last 30 years. Now that dream has come true,” said Adams.

ABF Creative is an audio-first media agency that produces multicultural branded and scripted high-quality audio experiences for Fortune 500 companies, bridging the gap between listeners and brands through authenticity, intimate storytelling, and creative marketing.

“I am happy that ABF Creative was able to partner with Gerard Adams and Prudential to bring light to the community heroes that exist in Newark as well as share the moment of the series with the world through the podcast. I am excited to see what is next,” Anthony Frasier, Entrepreneur, Author and Curator of ABF Creative.

Gerard Adams, Leaders Create Leaders Host, Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Fownders, Image Courtesy of Leaders Create Leaders and ABF Creative

The diverse series allowed guests to receive different perspectives regarding the road to success. They walked away with valuable information and tools that were applicable to their personal lives and entrepreneurial journey. The “Leaders Create Leaders” series was truly impactful. I was able to walk away during each event with valuable insight on how to make myself a better me in all areas and become the entrepreneur I aspire to be,” Guest, Amanda Shepherd.

The Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, Image Courtesy of The Prudential Center

The GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center in Newark, NJ celebrates the rich history of the GRAMMY Awards while educating visitors on the heritage and history of music, while inspiring the next generation of stars.

The GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, is a subsidiary of Prudential Financial Inc., an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company offering an array of insurance, investment management and financial products & services, that has been a staple in the Newark, NJ community for over a century.

“Prudential Financial shares the commitment with Prudential Center to help make Newark an even more vibrant city through the series of Leaders Create Leaders,” said Prudential representatives.

The Summer 2018 series closed with an inspiring and uplifting performance from Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Felicia Temple, a cancer survivor and contestant on Season 12 of NBC’s The Voice.

The Prudential Presents Leaders Create Leaders podcast will be launching Fall of 2018 on podcast platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Soundcloud. 


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