On my way to work this morning, I found myself stuck in traffic. I’ve developed the JHB driver syndrome which is known as impatience when on the road. I was changing lanes often, constantly looking out to see which one is moving faster so I can get to my destination quicker. Unconsciously wishing that moment away, because that’s what being fixated on the future means ultimately.

Anyway, while playing this car dance, I had an epiphany… The impatience I had is similiar to how we often approach many things in our own lives. We want everything to happen quick and fast, spending little time being present in the moment. We are constantly on the lookout for someone doing something better, getting there quicker, and as a result are quick to ‘change lanes’ without sticking it out.

We don’t realise that sometimes our lanes are slower because we are doing things the right way, laying the correct foundation and as such don’t receive microwave results. The next lane might appear to be moving because everyone is abandoning that ship and as a result those within view of you seem to be getting ahead quicker.

While there’s nothing wrong with observing your surroundings and being able to make a call to adjust slightly when things are blocked ahead; one must be careful not to make too hasty a decision that you find yourself in a worse off position…

This reminded me to practice patience, be focused on the road ahead but at the same time to not forget to be present in the moment for therein lies beauty.

Originally published at pskaywrotethis.tumblr.com