The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety, Gina Battye

What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological Safety means that every single person in an organisation is able to bring their whole self to work. No hiding, no censoring and no pretending to be someone else. From this space, people communicate and collaborate effectively and a culture of curiosity and creativity is cultivated.

Gina Battye, 2020

William Kahn, Google’s ‘Aristotle Project’ and Amy Edmondson’s research have catapulted the term Psychological Safety into organisations consciousness.

It is being talked about in workplaces around the world. And rightly so.

But until now, there was no blueprint for creating psychological safety in workplaces; a cohesive plan to take it from a concept to reality.

So. I created the blueprint.

There are 5 key areas that organisations need to address to ensure everyone can bring their whole self into the workplace and feel safe to do so.

I refer to them as The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety. Let me introduce you to the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety now.

The 5 Pillars Of Psychological Safety

Pillar One: Self

SELF refers to you. Who you are. How you show up in the workplace. How you cope with life. How you communicate with people around you based on all the stories you have created in your mind over the years. What influences your thoughts and behaviour.

The first pillar centres around my signature Authentic Self Process.

The Authentic Self Process reconnects you to your Authentic Self.

I created the Authentic Self Process in 2004 when I was teaching adult ex-offenders.

The Authentic Self Process is a powerful 3 step system to release the masks you wear and the stories you have created about your past experiences and relationships – so you can bring ALL of who you are to work and life.

Pillar Two: Social

SOCIAL takes you through what is going on behind the scenes of your interactions with others, what influences how you respond and react in conversations and how to use this knowledge to strengthen your interactions and connection with other people.

Pillar Three: Collaboration

COLLABORATION delves into the nitty gritty of team working and how to cultivate trust and work in collaboration with others. In COLLABORATION you explore the environment, the culture of the organisation and how to empower and enable effective collaboration in teams. 

Pillar Four: Curiosity

CURIOSITY delves into how to create a culture of experimentation, contribution and reflective questioning. You learn to healthily question your beliefs, what you do and how you do it – both individually and in your organisation as a whole. Mistakes are made and the lessons are learned from those. Constructive and active feedback is sought and received and there is a willingness to learn, both professionally and personally. 

Pillar Five: Creativity

In CREATIVITY you explore how to create a culture where new ideas and alternative perspectives are welcomed. One where everyone has a voice and all ideas are valued, considered and discussed openly.
The 5 Pillars Of Psychological Safety Keynote – Gina Battye

Inclusive Workplaces

The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety and the Authentic Self Process are principles and teachings that are applicable to workplaces and their people around the globe.

These 5 Pillars are the foundations and building blocks being used around the world to create fully inclusive workplaces.

In essence, they cultivate an environment where people thrive.