I still don’t understand PTSD fully. What I do understand is the feeling which sometimes creeps up. It makes the world seem different for a while. It can be like seeing reality in a different way. During awareness it can be hostile. It’s easy to give up control if unaware or absent when time shifts.

Breathing helps, and writing. Keeping calm and focused is not as easy as it can seem.

I can feel the rhythm as I write when I am anxious, and as I let it flow, I can breathe. Its the tapping I learnt when I was diagnosed which makes the music of calm rush in. Silence has a sound, as does the blow of air when I mentally count. Don’t count from one to ten. Go to one hundred or one thousand if you need to. Take your time. Speak the numbers aloud if you can. We need the time to recover, and to become present. You will eventually find that calm wants to come forward — let it.

PTSD in absentia

Breathe out…exhale
Go slowly, wait
Think less…pray more
There is no freedom…in your sorrow
Breathe in…wait
Running fast will take you no where
If you think, you can dream
I want you to think, who you can be

Breathe in…exhale slow
The world is not the one you know
Let it out, the misery
Breathe in…your life is free
Moving fast will not take you there
Go slowly, you have no fear

Breathe in…exhale slowly
Let the rhythm feel your heartbeat moving
Take all the time you need
Don’t shoulder the world
Just let it be

Breathe out, exhale again
Your destiny is your best friend
Breathe in, breathe out again
Let the air move you
Beyond thoughts of ‘when’.

(At a time when I was at my lowest I wrote this for me. Now I share it with you. Breathe)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate. If you have gone through a traumatic experience in your life and finding your ‘way out’ seems difficult seek help from a ‘Trauma Professional’ or Psychiatrist / Mental Health Professional. Some of the symptoms of PTSD are;

  1. Recurring nightmares and dreams of the event and flashbacks sometimes quite frequently.
  2. Hyper emotional reactions to everyday things / situations.
  3. Anxiety.
  4. Avoidance of the event/situation — hoping it will go away or not exist.
  5. Thoughts of suicide and abandonment
  6. Constant negative thoughts about life and general experiences.
  7. Depression and mood-swings

PTSD is treatable. You may have all of the above or just a couple symptoms, but its best to be proactive. Seek help if you or someone you know is experiencing challenges coping with life after something traumatic.
I’m not a professional in this area but have been diagnosed with PTSD after being knocked over by a car at work just over two years ago.

  • *It does not go away, if you are not aware it exists in your life.

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