Whether we’re in the business of public speaking and leadership or are engaged in other meaningful pursuits, we appreciate the power of the spoken word — and the power of stories. Unlike facts, statistics or logical declarations, stories capture the hearts and imaginations of those around us. They help move curious and engaged listeners from one perspective to another while fueling inspiration, innovation and positive change.

I had a great time chatting recently with Bill Monroe, host of a podcast called 2 Minute Talk Tips. Bill developed his own speaking career at Microsoft and Toshiba and now interviews expert speakers who share their quick tips and deeper insights with his listening audience.

Whether you’re a public speaker, leading a group or organization, delivering presentations or are seeking to become a person of greater influence, you’ll want to tune in to what follows.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • A 2 Minute Tip: The most important thing I do before stepping up to a mic
  • A key question to ask your audience – and why
  • The connective idea to keep in mind, regardless of your audience
  • The magic and power of storytelling
  • Podcasts – a unique benefit from having your voice on this medium
  • My personal account of how reflective questions can make you memorable – and talked about – after you leave the platform or room

Click here to listen in to the podcast.