How many of you believe that FEAR exists ?

How many of you believe that you are not able to live a life of your dreams because FEAR is holding you back ?

How many of you believe that at least once in your lifetime we should try to overcome FEAR ?

  • Some of us may have fear of Heights.
  • Some of us may have fear of Death.
  • Some of us may have fear of Failure / Rejections.
  • Many of us have fear of Public Speaking.

and the list goes on and on…

So I ask you this Question:

What is your FEAR ?

What is it that you are Scared of ?

When I was a kid, I was having numerous Fears. But on the top of my fear list was the fear of Dogs. My mother always used to tell me, that eat your food or else a dog will come and bite you and you have to take 14 injections in your stomach to get cured.

Well that was a made up story by my mother to make me eat my food. But as an innocent kid, I believed the story to be true. Hence, I lived my entire childhood with fear. The fear of Dogs.

One fine day, while I was returning from the school, the school bus dropped me at the main road which was like 200 meters from my house. While I was walking back home from the bus stop, I noticed a street dog staring at me for no reason. I was bit afraid and hence I started to run. The moment I started running, the dog started barking at me and chased me till I reach my home and closed the door of my house. My heart was beating very fast, my legs were shivering and I was sweating heavily.

Next day, I decided to teach a lesson to that dog. The following day, when I got down from the school bus, I did not see the street dog anywhere and I felt very happy and relaxed for a moment. I started walking towards my house when suddenly the same dog appeared from somewhere and started running towards me. Seeing the dog, even I started to run towards my home. As I was running I saw a stone lying on the road. I stopped briskly, and picked up the stone. The dog saw me doing this and stopped as well. Then I pretended, as if I will throw the stone at dog’s face. The moment I did that. Guess what. The dog turned around and vanished somewhere within no time.

This process repeated every day while I was returning from my school. However, one day when I got down from the school bus, I saw that the dog was already waiting for me. On that day the dog did not give me enough time and started chasing me. With the fear that I was having, even I started running as fast as I could towards my home.

I don’t know why but I could not find any stones on the road that day. So, I just stopped and bent a little forward and simply touched the ground and closed my fist and pretended that I have picked up a stone from the ground (although my hand was empty). I also pretended the same posture of throwing the stone at dogs face.  Seeing me do this, the dog started running backwards and slowly vanished from my eyes.

Now the big question is; what do we learn from this dog chasing story of mine ?

I know some of you will say that the moral of the story is “Face your Fear”. I was fearing dogs and finally one day, I faced my fear. “Yes”, that may be one the moral of the story, however, there is a bigger moral to this story.

Did you remember, in the beginning I said that some of us may want to overcome their fear. Interesting thing is, we cannot overcome our fear as fear does not exist.

You can see me, you can hear me, and you can touch me and feel me. But can anyone see, hear and touch fear ? And the answer is “No”.

FEAR is just an unpleasant thought which only exists in our mind. Fear is the result of our excessive imagination.

Remember my dear friends, you and me exist on this earth in reality, whereas fear is imagination. You and me are “Truth” whereas fear is “False”.

So if there is fight between False imagination and True reality, who should Win ?

Definitely,it is True reality that should Win. Isn’t it ?

So today, I want you to make a promise to yourself:

  • Promise yourself that you will not surrender yourself to your Fears.
  • Promise yourself that you will always face your fears.
  • Promise yourself that if required, you will Punch your Fears out of your Life.