I’m just going to go ahead and say it:

I don’t drink green smoothies in the morning.

Nor do I get in my “5 a day” every day (shock horror!) 

And you know what? It’s okay. 

While nutrition is, without doubt, one of the keys to feeling well, it’s important we bring a little flair and fun to the table too.

So instead of abstaining from the likes of chocolate, chips, and beer without any decent replacements, why don’t we keep our taste buds happy?

After all, if you could feel genuinely excited before you take your first bite or your first sip, sticking to a healthy diet wouldn’t be hard work at all.

Keeping this in mind, here are 4 ways that you can combine goodness with grove next time you go shopping, just in case you ever need some inspiration!

1) SWAP Sugar-Loaded Snacks for Plant-Based Treats

We all know that afternoon Hersheys bar or pack of Doritos isn’t exactly brilliant for our health.

But eating salads 24/7?

No thanks!

Mercifully, there are plenty of plant-based snacks that you can opt for instead, nowadays.

Take the likes of Outstanding Foods, who are on a noble mission to make plant-based foods “tasty as hell.”

They offer both protein-packed puffs and rinds that are chef-crafted, full of flavor…


2) BREAK Boozy Bad Habits with Alcohol-Free Drinks

When Friday or Saturday night rolls around, it’s all too easy to get a bit carried away on the drinking front. Are the raging headache and low energy the day (or two) after worth it?

Once you hit your mid-20s and beyond, increasingly, the hangovers seem to offset the fun the night before.

Non-alcoholic drinks may sound dull as dishwater, but they don’t have to be!

For example, the smart folks at Altina Drinks have created refreshing beverages that delight rather than bore. Christina Delay, their CEO, says: 

“We’re on a mission to make alcohol-free drinks fun, delicious and accessible. By focusing on the craft, taste, and experience, we’ve created unique and clean drinks for people who care about their health.”

When you can choose from a range of fruity, fizzy cocktail cans and bottles, staying alcohol-free suddenly seems a lot more doable.

3) TRADE Tedious Tap Water for Healthy “Hop Water”

It’s ironic really. When you’re in desperate need of water, it’s the best thing ever. But at all other times, it’s pretty flat and uninspired.

Soft drinks are tempting, of course. Yet you just know that all of the sugar content in Coke, Fanta, et all can’t be doing your insides much good.

If you want water with personality, take a look at HOP WTR. They’ve come up with a range of sparkling waters that dazzle your palate with bold hops and amazing flavors like mango and blood orange.

Plus, their drinks go a step further by including mood-boosting ingredients such as L-Theanine and ashwagandha.

Lily Badger, a leading member of the team, explains the HOP WTR approach to staying hydrated with water that brings a smile to your face:

“Our proprietary blend of stress-busting hops, adaptogens, and nootropics makes our brew burst with healthy benefits and a crisp, light, and satisfying taste.

Can’t argue with that, right?

4) SWITCH Standard Store Supplements for Body-Balancing Blends

Supplements aren’t going anywhere fast. They’re simple to take, generally affordable to buy, and offer peace of mind to those who think they may not be getting enough nutrients in their diet.

Trouble is, you can end up with quite the stash! Nobody wants to have to swallow down 20+ different tablets morning and night.

And that isn’t even taking into account the secret (and probably not-so-healthy) ingredients that many high street store supplements seem to sneak into their products…

Bulking “fillers” like silicon dioxide, cellulose, and stearic acid are some of the most common. 

A way around this is to look for diverse blends that give you a wide variety of nutrients (so you can purchase one product rather than 20) and leave out the dodgy fillers.

Indi is a brand that excels at this. Their daily “Body” blend brings together a nutritionally rich supplement with prebiotic fiber, digestive bio-cultures, as well as antioxidants. Experienced nutritionist, Dr. Federica Amati, PhD., says:

“Indi is different because it does not replace meals or individual nutrients; it offers the opportunity to enhance our polyphenol, fibre and plant intake with no added bulking agents, preservatives or other harmful chemicals, in a delicious and easy way.”

There you have it, then. Four ideas to bring a dash of personality to your diet!

The prospect of giving up the likes of alcohol and sugary snacks may be a challenge.

But when you see all of the funky, healthy foods and drinks out there that are ready to fill the void, cleaning up your nutrition becomes a whole lot easier.

Keep it pure. Keep it playful.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Declan Davey

Declan is the #1 Health and Wellness Copywriter on Google. He has a professional background as an NHS psychologist. 

His previous roles include work within mental health services and disability charities in London, UK.