I am a child born of love
So let Love remain in my heart and my mind
Let love and joy… I love listening to great music; there is a way it is just relaxing and it sparks the deepest of emotions in me. Soul In Mind has been my favorite this week, Lira does a wonderful job with the lyrics and vocals.

I have never given much thought for having children of my own. For some reason, the thought has never crossed my mind; and I’m sure I have not experienced baby fever yet. However, I love interacting with children, the adorable ones with big eyes and very long eyelashes. The ones who laugh for no particular reason, and when they smile, your heart is warmed. The children with kinky afros with no care for the troubles of this life. Children, they live in a world of their own, an ideal world, a place where all is pure bliss. I want to believe they are great therapy to the adult who is almost giving up hope. 

See the world with the innocence of children.
Approach the world with the daring of children.
Love the world with the readiness of children.
Heal the world with the purity of children.
Change the world with the wisdom of children 

~ Neale Donald Walsch

Children are loving, truthful, kind, honest, adorable, forgiving and fearless. Children’s minds are simple, straight, open and transparent. Children are beautiful just as they appear to us, not because of the physical. Children live in a bubble, untouched by life’s reality. Children are still bursting with ideas and hopes and dreams. And they still believe those dreams can come true. Children possess what we have all lost over time while growing up; purity and innocence. This is the only reason we celebrate the birth of a child. We call them angels; how nice! I believe in this very cruel world, we need the slightest of evidence to remind us that good still exists. Children give us this hope. I think I envy those who are already on the parenting journey. Not to rush things though, I am preparing myself for when my time comes.

It is popularly said that with age comes wisdom. I would like to add that, age comes with cynicism and wickedness too. Adults are always scheming at one point or another, we are conniving beings, some of us warrant to be termed snakes. Where did the rain start beating us? Honestly, I have no definite answer to this question, save for the fact that there was no one around to nurture our child-like spirit and therefore it died prematurely.

There is nothing as beautiful as the heart of a child, there is nothing as encouraging as the character of a child, there is nothing as inspiring as the spirit of a child. Child-likeness is a quality I wish to never lose along life’s bumpy road. Let the storms rage, let the thunder strike, let the sun scorch, let the earth beneath my feet shake; I refuse to let the child inside me die. I will live to be 101 years old but still be of good cheer, I will keep loving everyone as I always do now. I choose the to be carefree about the things I can’t change/control. I am making an informed decision to pick joy and peace over anger and distress. I refuse to let the haters get to me, I choose to shut them out by ignoring them completely. I am learning to let people be happy about winning the battle, as I prepare to win the war. 

A decade plus I have lived on earth, and the most important lesson I have learnt is that not every situation calls for your opinion/attention. Some things are better left unattended to, some questions unanswered, and some ties let to break. For as long as it makes you happy, and it keeps the child in you alive, keep doing it. No one will judge you for not combing your hair (of course we will), but then what business of ours is it? Go forth and live the life you have desired for so long, don’t allow people’s conditions to inhibit you. Be like a child (not childish), enjoy life as it comes. Take a step at a time; a day at time, with a glass of cheerfulness. At the end of it all, you will find that you are the happiest version of yourself. You will learn that you are living, and not merely existing.

“Whatever condition we are in, we must always do what we want to do, and if we want to go on a journey, then we must do so and not worry about our condition, even if it’s the worst possible condition, because, if it is, we’re finished anyway, whether we go on the journey or not, and it’s better to die having made the journey we’re been longing for than to be stifled by our longing.”  ~Thomas Bernhard

To my future children, I love you to the moon and sky above.