As I prepare emotionally and energetically, I realized I had unwitting reminders in my physical space that needed to be released.

The final divorce decree is the symbolic end of an era of my very existence. Not simply the marriage, but an entire life of being driven by survival.

Specifically, in my previous business model.

I kept all the Black Woman Millionaire marketing materials. Literally paid to have them shipped to my new life because I couldn’t let them go.

But now I can.

My new life is arising and it is GLORIOUS!

So today, I purge the past.

I am releasing all of my old marketing collateral as well as marketing tools I got for my previous brand; my previous life. It’s AMAZING how much I have to keep releasing and letting go of to make room for God’s exquisite will for my life. But I’m doing it, gladly. The future is bright and I refuse to bring the past into it. So this morning I removed all the signage, displays, pillows, even a printer that I couldn’t get to work. I will buy a new one.

My point is this—that life is over.

God is bringing me a new season where my latter will be greater than the prior life.

More joy.
More peace.
More ease.
More affluence.
More influence.
More impact.
More grace.
More respect.
More honor.
More integrity.
More laughter.
More pleasure.
More self-expression.
More wholeness.
More completeness.
More quality support structures.
More workability.
More grace.
More mercy.
More beauty.
More love.

I love you, Lord. Thank you for cherishing me and teaching me to cherish myself. Your will for my life is miraculous and I trust you with all that I am completely.

I don’t need the past.
I have you.
And you, my precious beloved God.
You are enough. (+Happy)

Venus Opal


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