We don’t always worry about the air we breathe. At least, not as much as other basic functions for our health. For example, water, which when we consume it in poor condition is not very appealing. Or food, of course, which is what we look most at when taking care of ourselves. But normally, many people don’t worry too much about the air until it is very harmful or has high levels of pollution, unless it is noticeable due to a very bad smell. Indoors, at least, we have the option of breathing purified and previously cleaned air -just as water can be freed of its impurities-, something that can incorporate real improvements to our health.

In many homes, a few decades ago, it was said that at home the best way to breathe fresh and quality air to get new vinyl windows in Winnipeg. And, depending on the season of the year, the freshness could be due to the contrast of temperatures. But the air quality on the street didn’t have to be better. Today it is known that, in too many cities, what is breathed on some days of the year is of low quality and has air pollutants that pollute this basic good. Which can even make it dangerous in some circumstances.

However, poor air quality indoors can be just as or even more harmful than outdoors. On the one hand, we find the problem that if the air that enters the house through the windows is polluted, we will make the environment of our home even more dirty. It is worse if we allow stale air to form between our walls, since the use of detergents, the fumes generated from combustion in kitchens or other elements make what we breathe dirty, living with a poison at home.

The problems derived from bad breathing are many: from favoring the appearance of respiratory diseases to poor concentration or complications in sleep. However, what are the main benefits of purified air for a healthy and comfortable home?

The air quality alleviates respiratory problems and makes the possibility of medical complications.

If there are children or elderly people at home, the indoor air must be taken care of much more to avoid diseases.

  • With the purified air we can sleep and rest much better.
  • We gain in well-being, and we also gain in appearance, with skin in better health conditions.
  • The clothes will also be cleaner, in addition to the furniture. Dust is much less present.
  • The chance of getting allergies is reduced by breathing purified air.
  • Irritability and anxiety are reduced.
  • The clean air helps to have a better life with pets.
  • With quality air it is more difficult for insects to invade our homes.

For these reasons, it is very important to breathe the highest quality air possible at home. To do this, it is not enough to open the windows – indeed, the best solutions to improve the quality of what we breathe work with the windows closed – but we need a ventilation system or an air purifier.

How to live with purified air at home

There are several solutions to achieve higher quality air in the home. Some of them are totally effective and others simply do not achieve their mission, although there are options in the middle that, depending on what situations, can serve us.

The cheapest way is to install an air purifier. It does not need installation; it can be carried between different rooms and has an affordable price. However, before opting for a purifying machine, several details must be considered:

Small purifiers will not work. There are many models on the market that, more than achieving quality air, only increase our electricity bill.

The size of the rooms will greatly influence the capabilities of the purifier. It is not recommended for large stays.

One of the problems with air purifiers is that they usually clean the air that is near them, but not that of all corners of a room. It is important to circulate the air through fans.

They occupy space and cannot be put in a corner, since they must manage to collect the air without problems.

They purify the air that is inside a room, but not the one that enters it.

The best solution to achieve purified air is a dual flow mechanical ventilation system. For consumption like that of a light bulb, this option eliminates polluted or poor-quality air in our homes and introduces previously filtered air from outside through another duct. In this case, poor quality air never enters and when it loses its properties it is extracted mechanically. Although it requires more installation, mechanical ventilation is the best option for breathing purified air  indoors.